Venus in Capricorn – Men and Women

Venus In Capricorn Natal Chart

Capricorn Is the last earth sign of the zodiac and it translates into their personality. Ruled by Saturn, this earth sign is serious and cautious in everything they do.

Capricorns are the middle aged adults of the zodiac. They have a steady, disciplined approach to life and while they may not be the most exciting people to know, they’re certainly some of the most reliable people you’d ever meet. 

Capricorns are goal oriented and they place a great deal of energy into their public persona. These people are driven to succeed and usually have the common sense to make it happen. They’re practical, mental people and prefer to keep their emotions bottled up. 

These people don’t get emotional. If by chance you happen to see the emotional side of a Capricorn, it would be a great time to step in and help them because they’re really in need. 

Under stressful conditions, they can be cold and pessimistic. That’s because this sign has a better safe than sorry disposition and they don’t see the point of being overly emotional. They end up attracting emotional mates who can become frustrated trying to get the Cap to open up and express themselves. 

Dating Someone With This Placement

When you put Venus in Capricorn, you get a serious, disciplined lover. Your partner takes love and relationships seriously and they expect their partner to as well. This placement wants a partner that looks good or is in some way desirable publically. 

Public persona is important to this placement so take care not to embarrass them in public. 

This is an earthy sign, so anything sensual will put you on their good side. In love, these people take a mental, practical approach. They’re going to need you help to get out of their own heads so think massages, sauna, hot baths, soft music, candles, and good food. 

If you put some thought into what you’re doing you can pull them out of their shells and get a glimpse of the inner child they keep locked up. These people have an entertaining sense of humor and become quite playful when they loosen up and feel safe.

Don’t be surprised if you end up in a wrestling move while your partner laughs as if it’s the funniest thing in the world. They have a playful nature but they’re so guarded you might not get to see it at work. 

This placement can be intimidating in love but keep a cool head. They can come across as arrogant, judgmental, and pessimistic but that’s just a defense mechanism to protect themselves.

Deep down, they want a partner to spend the rest of their lives with. Someone they can rely on, trust, and connect with. They have a vision in their heads of how they want things to be but they’re too reserved to go out and make it happen. 

Their undemonstrative nature has led to potential lifelong suitors walking out on them with the impression they never really cared in the first place. If you start to feel like this placement doesn’t care about you, the bad news is that if you’re waiting on some grand gesture or display, you’ll never get that.

You’re going to have to pay attention and look for more subtle clues. Slow and steady wins the race. If you’re looking for excitement you’re in the wrong place. 

Having This Placement

With your Venus in Capricorn, love and relationships are business. You’re going to have to step out of your shell a little to make things happen but that’s ok you’re for the challenge. 

Watch out for power struggles in your relationships and try not to let your ego dictate your behavior  too much. In matters of the heart you think highly of yourself and there’s nothing wrong with that but if you feel like you’re better than your partner, you should move on.

Don’t go into a relationship feeling like you’re doing someone a favor by knowing you. You’ve set your standards higher than most but that doesn’t mean you can’t get what you’re looking for. 

There’s a difference between settling and compromising. If you feel like you’ve settled, that’ll come up later in an unpleasant manor. Try to be honest with your partner and yourself from the beginning to save time and energy for both parties. 

You could find yourself lonely for a while, but that’s an opportunity to build a relationship with yourself. Use that time to figure out what you like. Take yourself out and get to know you so when the right person comes along, you’ll be more prepared.

You’re a mental person but you’re attracted to more emotional types. You’re going to have to learn to develop your emotional side and let your partner in. If they’ve met the requirements for a partnership, they deserve to have a connection to the person they’re in a relationship with and you can’t form a strong emotional connection with someone who is distant and emotionally reserved. 

Once you finally find someone you want to take seriously, lighten up. That inner adolescent is a gift your partner would very much enjoy. Take some time out and just let yourself go. Engage your senses to escape your mental state and indulge yourself. 

You have a tendency to keep secrets or to not be completely forth coming in your relationships. If you don’t trust your partner, find someone you do trust. For a person who takes relationships so seriously, you have a way of unnecessarily complicating things. 

Your ego plays a major part in your relationships but pride comes before the fall. If you don’t figure out a way to humble yourself when it comes to love and relationships, life will surely help you out with that. 

You aren’t hurt often because you don’t easily let someone in but when you’re hurt, it’s severe. 

If you’ve been hurt, take the proper amount of time to recover and take it seriously or it will ruin the rest of your relationships. 

Your best Venus matches are; Virgo, Scorpio, and Taurus. 

Venus in Aquarius – Men and Women

Venus In Aquarius Natal Chart

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac and the last air sign. Ruled by Uranus, this is the sign of unpredictability and freedom. Aquarians are the embodiment of what most people consider weird.

These free-spirits march to the beat of a drum only they can hear. They’re intelligent people who think outside of the box and they’re great conversationalists. As an air sign, they live in their minds and prefer a mental connection. Aquarians go through life collecting eccentric friends and having interesting experiences the same way everyone else goes to work and comes home. 

 The extraordinary is a way of life for them. Known for not following traditional paths, Aquarians will figure out a way to make a living you’ve never even considered. If you know a person of this sign, try to keep them around.

Because they don’t discriminate, they have friends from all walks of life and although they may not look at this way, they’re highly connected. A get together thrown by an Aquarian could be a life altering experience. 

They’re intellectual original thinkers. Having a casual conversation with an Aquarian has the potential to expand your mind beyond what you’d be able to come up with on your own. 

Dating Someone With This Placement  

With Venus residing in Aquarius, prepare yourself for an interesting experience. These people have a unique disposition on love and relationships. It’ll be more of a learning experience than anything else.

These people don’t take the traditional route to process their thoughts in love. Instead of going from A to B, they go from R to 13, and come out on the other end with analogies and philosophies that somehow make sense. 

Don’t try to follow their trains of thought, just take what they say and make sense of it the best way you can. These people move in leaps and bounds when it comes to love and relationships. If you’re looking for a mentally stimulating connection this is the placement for you.

This placement isn’t overly emotional, and won’t process emotional displays well. To them, there’s simply no reason to lose control of yourself like that. And that’s the way they’ll process an emotional response or outburst; like you’ve lost control of yourself. 

This placement is notorious for spreading the love so I wouldn’t get too emotionally involved until there is an agreed upon serious union taking place and that may take a while. This placement detests anything they believe to be a threat to their freedom in love.

They peer into other’s relationships and see people unhappy because of the restrictions they placed on themselves and they don’t see the reason for those outdated acrobatics. 

This placement would be ok with inviting a third party into the relationship or even having a full blown open relationship from the beginning. This is the placement of unusual unions so if you’re interested in experiencing things you’ve only read about or seen in movies, now’s the time to speak up. 

Usually, I’d offer some insight into how to put a smile on a placements face but with this placement, they’ll take care of that themselves. Simply put, either they like you or they don’t. 

There’s nothing you can do to improve your chances just be your authentic self and if they want to be around you, they will. This isn’t a placement you can figure out or understand, just enjoy their presence while they’re around and see how it turns out. 

Having This Placement 

If your Venus is in Aquarius, you should consider writing a book about love and relationships. It’d be interesting. You have a unique perspective on love and relationships with a few out of the norm experiences to match. 

For you, love is what love is and that’s just the way you see it but to the rest of us, you’re intriguing and original. You make your own path when it comes to relationships and you’re fiercely independent. 

You value your freedom in relationships above all else and you enjoy interacting with different kinds of people.

Because you’re open minded when picking partners, You’ll grow exponentially because of experiences you’ll have with this eclectic mix of suitors. You enjoy the company of people from all walks of life and because you aren’t judgmental, they’ll flock to you to tell you their story. 

Sometimes people just need a listening ear and you fit the bill. You don’t react to what people are saying, you aren’t emotional, and you don’t tell everything somebody tells you. You’re the perfect therapist. 

As far as love and relationships go, giving advice isn’t generally your strong suit unless you’re talking to your more intellectually capable friends. You have a tendency to leap from one point to another instead of walk and you could mentally lose people in the process. 

And when it comes to emotion in your relationships, you could stand to get some advice from some of your more emotionally in tune friends. You clearly aren’t emotional but having a basic understanding of how to interact with people who are, and understanding where they’re coming from, doesn’t require personal involvement on an emotional level.

You could read a few books about emotional interactions, emotional people, communicating how you feel in relationships, or watch classic romantic comedies with friends and comment on the parts you don’t understand. Emotions matter, they’re a part of your growth and development. 

You can’t really move forward without developing that side of yourself along with the mental stuff. Emotions aren’t a sign of weakness, they’re simply another level of complexity that is the human condition.

On another note, you’re notoriously friendly when it comes to love and relationships, you’ll most likely experience lots and lots of suitors throughout your journey which has the potential to develop your insight into relationships.

 Try to take the time to recognize patterns that are playing out in your love life and fix your mistakes or you could end up dancing the same dance over and over with different partners as the years pass by. 

Your best Venus Matches are; Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo

Venus in Scorpio – Men and Women

Venus In Scorpio Natal Chart

A water sign, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and is arguably the second most  powerful sign of the zodiac. Anyone who knows a Scorpio can attest to their ability to make things go their way either through force, or sheer willpower.

This is a sign that doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty if need be. Scorpios possess a magnetic, dominant energy that flows effortlessly. Once you’re in their orbit, consider yourself under surveillance. They’re paying attention to everything you do and coupling that information with their highly developed instincts. 

Scorpio is the only sign born with intelligence and a developed sense of intuition they trust. These people have the ability to rise to prominent positions in society and crush those who try to interfere along the way. They’re bold, passionate people and they leave an impression when they’re coming and going in people’s lives. 

Scorpio is sub ruled by the planet Mars which gives them an interesting outlook on life. Some of them may come across as more relaxed and jovial but make no mistake about it, these people are serious about life. 

That doesn’t always manifest itself in a negative manor, but you’ll get the message loud and clear. 

Dating Someone With This Placement 

When you’re dating someone with Venus in Scorpio, sit back and relax. No matter how much effort you put into trying to control the situation, you’re simply being handled. In the matters of the heart this placement is simply a few steps ahead at all times. 

That’s ok though, they’re great leaders in their relationships and they’ll make you feel special and cared for up until the moment you two are no longer an item. If they decide to keep you around for a lifetime, you’ll have an intensely loyal and formidable partner.

This placement has secrets and they’ll always have secrets and you’ll have to accept that as part of the terms of engagement. Those secrets aren’t necessarily detrimental, they just don’t like to tell everything that is currently going on with them. 

With this placement, give them a quiet place to retreat, and listen to them and you’re a step ahead of most. This placement has the potential to have a team of suitors who all play different roles in their lives so until you’ve been notified you’re the one and only, enjoy your time with them and don’t ask too many questions.

This is an extremely powerful placement and not to be taken lightly. If you get on this placements bad side, they have the capacity to unleash on you like nothing you’ve ever seen. 

In love, they are intelligent, intuitive, and emotionally powerful and in some cases, all of those things come together for the same goal. Try to help them relax with massages, baths, or trips to take their minds off things. 

A power struggle could definitely break out with this placement and they’re comfortable going to war so if you aren’t equipped, pick your battles carefully. Just relax, go with the flow as best you can, and follow your instincts. With this placement, a lot can be communicated without anything being said.

Having This Placement

Having Venus in Scorpio puts you in a unique position in love and relationships in general. You’re always in the driver’s seat and that’s where you’re most comfortable. In love, you’re dominant and possessive which could turn the relationship into a battle ground if you’re coupled with another strong willed person. 

It’s ok to give a little sometimes, you’d still be just as dominant and powerful as you always were, you’d just be adding another element to the complexity that is you. When you give a little or sit back and give a person room to be themselves without your dominant influence, you get a glimpse of how a person behaves when you’re not around.

 Just because you have the ability to attract and manage a team of suitors simultaneously doesn’t mean you should do it. 

If you must carry on like that, make your suitors aware of what they’re getting into and give them a choice. Although you’re a formidable opponent, you won’t win every battle. Even superman had kryptonite.

If you haven’t done so, work on balancing your intuition and your intellect in relationships. You’re gifted in both areas so be sure to nurture your gifts or lose them. In romance, your investigative skills are second to none. Your advice would be valuable to those wise enough to accept it. 

This placement has the potential to take advantage of, and or manipulate partners if given the opportunity. If a person trusts you and believes in you, that’s not a weakness. That’s an opportunity for you to do something good and steer that person in the right direction if you aren’t up for the leadership role.

Exploiting people has a way of backfiring. 

You may not be attractive in the traditional sense, but that doesn’t change a thing. Even though you aren’t picture perfect you’ll still be able to get exactly what you want repeatedly. Don’t be afraid to dream big and go after exactly what you want.

You have a tendency to attract dangerous people or end up in dangerous situations because of love and relationships. A thrill or two is ok but don’t make it a habit. Dangerous situations and or people can send you down a dark path and the power and influence you have in relationships could turn poisonous. 

If your energy turns poisonous, you’d ruin people for their next relationships creating a ripple effect you won’t want to be responsible for when you do finally heal from the emotional scars that caused you to turn poisonous in the first place.

A good rule of thumb is if it’s illegal, you shouldn’t do it. If a partner wrongs you or mistreats you, you don’t have to fly off the deep in to make things right or seek any form of retribution at all. That’s your ego taking you somewhere you don’t need to be. 

Simply learn from the experience, be grateful for the lesson, and continue on. 

Your best Venus matches are: Virgo, Capricorn, Leo, Aries, and Pisces. 

Venus in Sagittarius – Men and Women

Venus In Sagittarius Natal Chart

Sagittarius is a fire sign represented by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. This energy manifests itself in the Sag’s larger than life personality. 

These people are optimistic, adventurous, and lucky. Sag’s often have a big picture view on life and become more philosophical as they age. They have big ideas and there isn’t a doubt in their minds they won’t be able to fulfill them, and they’re usually right.

Because they have a big picture view on life, they’re usually leaders in whatever field they decide to go into. Charging forward with optimism and tenacity, they often find themselves surrounded by people gravitating towards their unbreakable self-assuredness.

They just believe in themselves. They have a gift for thinking outside the box and they’re usually rough and tumble kind of people. They’ll take their bumps and bruises without complaining and they won’t be deterred. 

That combination of traits manifests as the driving force for success and the reason for it simultaneously. 

Even though the Sag is a predominantly mental person, there’s a hidden sensitivity to this sign that only shows up in the most extreme situations. Don’t worry, they don’t hold grudges they’re too busy charging forward into life accomplishing whatever goal they’ve set for themselves with a smile and a seemingly unending energy. 

Dating Someone With This Placement     

With Venus in Sagittarius, these people are lucky in love so if you’re dating someone with this placement, consider yourself a good catch. This placement has a notorious wondering eye so keep your distance until you know for sure you’re in a committed relationship and even then, stay alert. 

These people have an appetite for life and living it to the fullest. They aren’t trying to hurt anybody they just want to experience everything and spread the love. The fact that they attract lots of suitors doesn’t help.

This placement is very popular across the board and is never at a loss for possible connections so consider yourself lucky you have their attention and enjoy the ride. This placement takes a mental approach to love so a meeting of the minds is the way to their heart. 

All things mentally stimulating and fun will put a smile on their face if you can slow them down long enough to notice with you’ve done for them. This placement has places to go, things to do, and people to see. 

You’re going to have to catch them when they have downtime and that’s not because you’re an afterthought or you come second, it’s simply because they want to experience everything. 

This placement is free spirited and adventurous in relationships and they’d appreciate a partner who could contribute to their vision. Power struggles won’t be an issue for the placement because no one will be in charge. 

They aren’t interested in controlling you, and they won’t even give any thought to the possibility of you controlling them. They value freedom in romance above all else and even when they do commit, they’ll still need their space. 

Gifts won’t get you far with this placement unless they’re well thought-out. This placement is sentimental in that department, and would rather have a hand sown blanket you made out of your old clothes over a diamond necklace.

If You Have This Placement

Venus in Sagittarius is all about experiencing love and relationships to the fullest and there’s nothing wrong with that but the more experience you gain, the more exposed you leave yourself. A healthy curiosity will take you to some interesting places in love but try to be careful.

Your fearless optimism in love borders on recklessness. It only takes one bad relationship to change the course of your life. Being aware of the potential for danger and behaving accordingly isn’t fear based behavior, it’s just being smart about how you operate. 

When you have time, try to develop your emotional side. You’re sensitive to your partner but you hide it well. If you learned to communicate that sensitive side, your partner would be more inclined to take your feelings into consideration when making decisions. 

And while you’re developing your emotional side, working on your communication style would help a lot as well. Everyone doesn’t have the ability to pick up on what’s going on. 

Because you’re so head first, optimistic, lucky, and philosophical in love, you should think about journaling your thoughts. You could look back on what you’ve written and capture incredible insights from yourself. 

You aren’t a nagging type of personality and you don’t mind giving your lover space. If you’ve developed strong feelings for the person, try not to give them too much space. If they wonder off and get into something, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to be.

 People make mistakes and usually the more room you give them to fall, the further they will.

All things considered, this is a lucky placement for love. You’ll probably learn a few lessons the hard way along your path but you have the resilience to bounce back. Venus in Sagittarius is the exploration of love and relationship placement. 

When you get older and it’s time to settle down, you’ll make an excellent partner because of all of your previous experience. The person you finally decide to settle down with won’t know what hit them.

The interesting thing about your perspective on love and relationships is you’ll be rewarded with exceptional relationship skills because of your endless energy available to explore all things love and relationships. The person you finally commit to with reap the benefits of your exploration. 

Your best Venus matches are: Aries, Libra, Leo and Sagittarius. 

Venus in Pisces – Men and Women

Venus In Pisces Natal Chart

Pisces is the final water sign and the last sign of the zodiac. Ruled by Neptune, this sign is deeply immersed in mysticism and emotional overflow. 

Pisces people are first and foremost, emotional. They process life through their emotions and view the world through an emotional lens. Pisces aren’t always equipped to deal with this powerful flow of emotion, resulting in escapist behaviors. 

Another behavior manifesting as a result of their uncontrollable emotional power is moodiness. It’s as if they never fully recognize their emotional power for what it is, a compass to guide them through life.

They make attempts to live a more mental life often conflicting with how they feel resulting in turmoil. When they’re young, they’re sweet natured, kind, and loving. As they age, the harsh realities of life change their disposition. 

They can develop a mean nature and become manipulative if left unchecked to develop in a harsher environment. Once they decide to respect their emotional state, they’re prone to deep emotional insight including full blown psychic ability. 

This sign has the ability to transcend what our senses pick up and become a unifying bridge between worlds. Pisces people often have other worldly, unexplainable experiences but they don’t take them seriously. 

For Pisces, the key to life is to accept themselves wholly and respect who they are.

Dating Someone With This Placement

When Venus is in Pisces, buckle up for a wild ride. These people are highly emotional and it can go both ways. They can seem like two different people at times. They aren’t simply moody, they’re intensely emotional.

In relationships, they can be unpredictable with little explanation. Sometimes these people just have a feeling about something and follow it and you’ll find yourself dealing with a fussy mate for an unknown reason.

If you want to help settle this placement down a bit, help them learn to meditate and develop their mental and emotional focus to help funnel that emotional energy. The same thing that makes them dangerous in relationships is the same thing that makes them excellent partners.

This placement likes to dream when it comes to love so traditional romance will get you everywhere. This placement likes to be loved and cared for as well. Candle lit dinners, public displays of affection, and love notes will put a smile on their faces.

This placement processes relationships with their feelings so pay attention and don’t do anything you know will upset them. Whatever you hope to gain by playing games with this placement isn’t worth the wrath that will follow once they figure out something is up and they’re emotionally hurt.

They don’t have a problem following their emotions to dark places. You’re going to have to be the level headed voice of reason between the two of you and that doesn’t mean you’re in charge or you’re always right, it means you need to be able to focus enough to keep things from getting out of hand.

Check your ego at the door and always keep in mind what’s important or you could end up locked in an emotionally draining war you aren’t equipped to win. When this placement loves you, they’ll do anything for you, and you can do no wrong. Once they’ve decided they’re tired of you, anything can happen. 

Having This Placement 

If your Venus is in Pisces, consider love a learning experience. You have a deep desire to connect and live happily ever after but this disposition makes you vulnerable to predators. You’re going to have to accept the fact that your strength in relationships is also your weakness and guard it accordingly. 

When you meet someone, pay attention to the red flags they’re a sign of what’s to come. You can’t change who a person is with love, they are who they are. There is a person out there who is complete and waiting on you. 

You have strong intuition and in some cases psychic ability when it comes to love and relationships, use your gift to your advantage. Learn to quiet the inner noise and hear yourself.

Everything you need to be successful in love is already in you. Don’t allow anyone else to convince you against what you feel is right. When you don’t follow your intuition or feelings, things turn out bad. 

As far as relationships go, at any point in your life you can decide to listen to yourself and do what you know you should be doing and things would be much better from that point on.

If you find yourself repeating the same destructive behaviors or attracting the same poisonous personalities, take some time to yourself to recover from the emotional damage that has become a destructive force in your life.

When you’re hurt emotionally, it runs deep and has the potential to be brutal, treat it like a broken leg. If you broke your leg would you go running on it?

If your heart is broken don’t jump into another situation with someone else until you’ve completely healed. If you do, you’ll just cultivate more of the same. 

You’re artistic and you need an outlet to express yourself. When your relationships become overwhelming, try painting, or some other form of expression. Try to express yourself in a healthy way.

If you catch yourself sabotaging the relationship you’re in, it’s time to get out. Knowing when to let go is a difficult task for this placement and one you’d greatly benefit from learning to develop. 

You have a tendency to stay too long which gives way to possibly detrimental situations. Once things go bad, they don’t get better. Hanging in there and standing by a troubled partner is admirable and in some cases it’s the right thing to do but most of the time, it isn’t.

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself to have a successful union. A relationship should add to what’s there, not chip away at it or make things worse. 

Put yourself first, take yourself seriously, and give yourself the time you need to develop to your full potential. 

Your best Venus matches are; Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus, and Cancer. 

Venus in Libra – Men and Women

Venus In Libra Natal Chart

Ruled by Venus, Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. This air sign is all about relationships, beauty, and all things love related.

Libras embody an energy that makes them attractive beyond physicality. They have a charm and grace that draws people into them. Usually, they’re polite to a fault and prefer to not make waves if at all possible.

They’d much rather go with the flow and see how things play out, quietly observing and taking mental notes of their environment, weighing things on their mental scale. Libra is the sign after Virgo, and some of that exhausting mental energy that makes Virgos so infamous rears its ugly head here.

If given too many options, Libras have been known to freeze in the face of making decisions. Even after they make decisions, they weigh the pros and cons endlessly going back and forth wondering if they made the right decision or not. 

Emotionally reserved, they expect people in their inner circle to be able to pick up on what they want and or need rather than having to tell them. Under stress, Libras can become resentful and calculating. Libras need their environment to radiate fairness and balance or they can become worried balls of nervousness. 

Dating Someone With This Placement

Venus in Libra is exalted in this placement meaning you get a double dose of all things Venus. This placement is all about love and relationships and they have the energy to pour into their union. They’ll work hard to make a relationship successful and would rather be in a relationship that isn’t exactly perfect than to not be with anyone at all.

Your Venus in Libra will be a beautiful, charming, charismatic breath of fresh air. When balanced, these people radiate an aura of serenity. Compliments go a long way with this placement. They also appreciate romance in the traditional sense. 

This is an air sign placement so unless other aspects of the chart indicate a more sensual, earthy nature, this placement is stimulated by a mental connection. When you’re being romantic you want to focus on the mental and visual. Intelligence and good conversation will draw this placement into you to find out more about you. 

Throw in a little mystery and this placement will be enamored. Venus in Libra isn’t up to the task of being the boss. They’d much rather be led and taken care of, you’re going to have to be the leader. Pay attention to this placement and after time, you’ll know what to do and what not to do which will make them appreciate you that much more. When there’s an issue, you’re going to have to sniff it out. 

They don’t like confrontation, and would rather sit on a nail than get up and cause a fuss. It’s your job to figure it out and rectify the situation before they become unbalanced. If you can get them out of their heads and into the moment, they’ll find you addicting.

Their minds are over stimulated and they’d love to be able to shut them off, they just can’t. If you can guide them into reality and get them to live in the moment you’ll have a friend for life. 

This placement has been known to be superficial so gifts and public displays of affection are all pluses. If you having a disagreement, keep it at home. To disagree or cause disharmony in a public setting would be nightmarish for this placement. 

Having This Placement

This is a beautiful placement for love if you’d allow it to manifest. Venus in Libra is the perfect placement for all things relationships but overthinking things has the potential to erode what you want so badly. 

You manifest into your existence what you think about most. If you’re always worried about things going sideways, you’ll figure out a way to make that happen. You can become judgmental and or unforgiving to your partner when things don’t go your way. Keep in mind, your partner is human and will inevitably make mistakes. 

Don’t view their mistakes as a personal attack. Instead, develop your communicative skills and learn to tell them the problem. Avoiding confrontation can be a smart move but sometimes you have to be willing to break a few eggs to make an omelet. 

Remember, trying to predict what you believe will happen if you do or say a certain thing is your attempt at being psychic. You don’t actually know how a scenario will play out. When you become worried or unbalanced because of a situation you perceive to be unfair or just plain not right and you don’t say anything, you’re causing your own anxiety. 

Sometimes, in your effort to avoid confrontation, you have the tendency to bend the truth a little. Small lies can have a huge impact once they build up. If you really want a deep, long lasting connection, you’re going to have to learn to trust your partner with the truth. If they can’t handle it, they aren’t the right person for you.

And give yourself a little credit. Few placements think about love and relationships as much as you do. Trust your decision making ability. Once you’ve made a decision about love, go with it. There are pros and cons to every decision you make in life; agonizing over them won’t change a thing. 

With all that out of the way, enjoy yourself. Enjoy the process of dating, meeting people, and getting to know them. Don’t take anything too seriously you can handle anything thrown at you. When you’re feeling intense in either direction break out a pen and pad. 

Jotting down how you feel would be really beneficial. When you go back to see how you thought about things you’ll gain insight into who you really are. You’ll begin the start of the most beneficial relationship a person can have and that’s with yourself. 

If you develop that relationship, you’ll be a better partner to whomever is lucky enough to have been graced with your presence. 

Your best Venus matches are: Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.  

Venus in Taurus – Men and Women

Venus In Taurus Natal Chart

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and kind of comes across as an older, wiser parent type. There’s something about a Taurus that just makes you feel comfortable. 

It’s easy to trust the word of someone who seems calm, confident and centered. Throw in charm and a nice smile and you’ll find yourself wrapped up in this warm embrace before you know what happened. 

An interesting fact about this sign and placement, Venus was the ruler of Taurus once upon a time. Depending on who you ask, Venus is still at the very least a co-ruler along with Earth being the captain in the driver’s seat. When you find your Venus in Taurus, you’re in for one of the most exalted placements for both planets in the zodiac. 

In Venus in Taurus, the two planets complement each other beautifully, and bring out the best in each other to create a harmonious synergy for the lucky person with this placement. You can expect someone with this placement to be open, friendly, popular, beautiful, and attractive. 

Just so we’re clear, being beautiful is purely aesthetic. Being attractive is a personality trait. Moving right along, As an earth sign, Taurus wants to show their love in an earthy way. 

This placement wants to give massages, play nice relaxing music, and burn some sort of smell good to show they appreciate you. If you want to keep this person in your life, you’d be smart to follow their lead and keep things earthy to show your love and appreciation. 

Dating Someone With This Placement 

The first thing you need to know about this sign placement is, they require patience, and they’re worth it. When you meet someone with this placement, they’re going to be friendly, charming, and cautious. They don’t fall in love quickly they want to make sure it’s safe; but once they do, they’re yours for a long as you don’t mess up. 

With that in mind, don’t rush the process. Just relax and enjoy the process of getting to know each other. It works out better in the long run anyway. This placement is on the hunt for a long term relationship so if you aren’t, move along. 

This is an earthy sign meaning they appreciate all things physical. Surprise massages, candles, baths with music playing, and good food will put a smile on your lovers face any day of the week. Just think senses. Anything that would appease the five senses would be perfect for your lover and they will enthusiastically show their appreciation. 

If you can cook, you’ll have a lifelong fan. You’ll also need to be drama free as this sign isn’t interested in power struggles and discord. Harmony, pleasure, and luxury is the name of the game. This is a hard-working sign with ambitions and goals and they sacrifice to make their goals and dreams reality. 

You’ll need to have a healthy level of ambition and affinity for the finer things in life as well.

They have a vision for the future and an appetite for luxury. If you can contribute to this vision and follow the aforementioned rules of regulation, you may have found your soul mate. It may take them time to fall in love but once they’re there, they will be loyal to a fault.

They will do the best they can to protect and accommodate you. They can be possessive but if you’re into your lover being protective and possessive you’ll be in heaven. The hard work you put into your relationship will be returned to you in abundance if you stay the course. 

They’ll want to be in control most of the time but this isn’t a forceful, power struggle type of control. It’s more like, I want to show you how much I appreciate and care about you. It’s ok to take the lead sometimes but you need to be much more comfortable with sitting back and enjoying their giving nature. 

Having This Placement

If you were lucky enough to have this placement in your chart, congratulations. Even though this is an exalted placement, you can still harness its power and maximize your potential for the things you seek in a romantic relationship.

Learn to trust yourself. You come into contact with a lot of people who are attracted to you and through that, you’ve developed an ability to size a person up quickly. Trust your intuition it has your best interest in mind and won’t steer you wrong. 

When you’re single, think of yourself as a beautiful butterfly. When you come into people’s lives they see your vibrant personality, your beautiful smile, and your easy going nature and they want to possess that. When you’re getting yourself into a new relationship make sure it’s because the person actually wants you and likes you for who you are and isn’t just interested in possessing something beautiful. 

Be cautious of your desire for luxury and pleasure. If you don’t practice a little self-discipline, you could find yourself over –indulging. Over spending and putting on a few extra pounds could become obstacles to overcome at some point. 

Another issue you may run into is turmoil based on your communication style. Wanting things to be harmonious and avoiding drama is an admirable disposition but bending the truth a little isn’t the way to go about it. The truth has a way of surfacing no matter how hard you try to dance around it. 

There’s a way to communicate things without causing a problem and at some point in your life, you’re going to have to learn to handle conflict. Running from your issues in your relationships only make them worse. 

The same charm and magnetism you turn on in a room full of strangers when you’re a little nervous will have the same effect on your partner when it’s time to have a serious conversation. 

Your most compatible matches are Venus in Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus. Keep in mind other aspects of the chart my improve your chances of love or make the process more difficult. 

Venus in Leo – Men and Women

Venus In Leo Natal Chart

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and the king of the show in more ways than one. When you blend that energy with Venus, you have arguably the most dominant placement for Venus in the zodiac.

Leo is a fire sign and their ruling planet is the sun. That should speak volumes about the kind of personality these people have. The planet that gives life to our world, is their ruling planet. 

And like the sun, they have an intensely unyielding energy in everything they turn their attention to. 

These people are always the stars of the show. They show up, they look good, and they’re ready to have a good time. Their energy is always forward, assertive, and positive. They are the most naturally powerful sign in the zodiac. 

These people have a raw magnetism that attracts people to them and they feed off of the energy. They’re at home as the center of attention and they enjoy having a cheerleading squad cheering them on. Leo’s are the walking embodiment of the word ego.

Dating Someone With This Placement

If you’re dating someone with this placement, you’re going to need to be confident and capable. Venus in Leo is dominating in love and they usually get their way with minimal effort. You’re going to have some very high standards to live up to. 

First off, compliments will get you everywhere. This placement loves to know they’re admired and adored and the more you can dish out the happier they’ll be. This placement is strong willed and won’t be overwhelmed by anything you throw at them. 

They have warm personalities and attract a lot of attention which in turn adds fuel to the fire so you’ll have to be comfortable dating someone everybody wants to be with or around. Usually once this placement finds a mate they like, they’ll only have eyes for you. Trust will play a pivotal role in your relationship or lack thereof. 

If you have insecurities break it off now because their magnetism will drive you insane. This placement has a tendency to be overbearing and stubborn as well so you’ll have to be the flexible one. Think of yourself as a the second leading character or supporting character in a movie that is their lives.

If it sounds like I’m talking about a person with a massive ego in the love department, I most certainly am. This placement’s strength and weakness in the love department are the same thing. In a relationship, you can expect them to take charge because, why would it be any other way?

The element of this placement is fire so expect passion and intensity. This placement isn’t afraid to make waves and step on toes to get their way. 

If you want to put a smile on their face, gifts will do the trick. And the more they like you, the more stuff they’ll give you. Don’t look at is as if they’re trying to buy your love. It’s simply their way of showing you they care. 

This placement is royalty in love, and they won’t accept anything less than royal treatment from their mate. Don’t worry, you’ll be graciously rewarded for all your hard work. 

Having this placement

If you have this placement I’d like to start by saying congratulations. Love isn’t an issue for you. Relationships happen how you want, when you want, and they go the way you want them to. In love, you win. 

Try to throttle back the pleasure seeking in your relationships if at all possible. Just because you can devour people, doesn’t mean you always should. Everyone isn’t going to see eye to eye with you on the way you go about things in relationships and that’s ok. There’s no need to go to war over it. Sometimes the best thing to do is just walk away. 

You could be somewhere having more fun. And in the matters of the heart, everyone won’t have the ability to recognize your greatness. It doesn’t mean they’re challenging you or insulting you. Sometimes, people just have a different point of view and the only courses of action you have are either accept it or move on.

Try not to get locked into power struggles for the sake of proving a point. Even if you dominate the relationship and win the war (and you most likely will), that doesn’t usually translate into a person seeing things from your point of view. 

You don’t have much to worry about you’re royalty just try not to abuse the throne. Even Kings and Queens are overthrown when they overstep their boundaries. 

In love, you’re confident, fearless, and strong which makes your outlook different from most people in similar situations. Your advice would be a game changer for your friends and family. 

When you finally find someone who can handle you, and they meet your high expectations, you’re going to have to do a couple things different. Being in a successful relationship requires respecting what your partner thinks and feels even if you feel like they’re wrong.

You have a tendency to come off as dismissive when your partner is voicing a concern. Taking people’s feelings into consideration and making slight adjustments because you care about them doesn’t make you weak. It’s actually a display of the ultimate power, humility. 

You could stand to do a little more listening it won’t be the worst thing in the world. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t know everything. 

All things considered, this placement is favorable in love and doesn’t need a lot of advice. 

Your best Venus matches are: Libra, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Venus in Gemini – Men and Women

Venus In Gemini Natal Chart

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and the first air sign. Rules by mercury, Gemini is a mutable sign with an affinity for communication.

You could consider Gemini the crafty, quick-witted little brother of the zodiac. When you blend that energy with Venus, prepare yourself for a wild ride. 

Geminis naturally require lots of mental stimulation and variety. They’re highly adaptable, and can adjust to most circumstances with minimal effort. It’s as if they fit in everywhere with everyone. 

On top of that, Geminis have a sharpened sixth sense that borders on psychic ability when talking to people. They just know what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to. They have a never ending sense of humor and enjoy playing games for the sake of playing games.

When you couple this kind of energy with love, you get a playful childlike personality with a magnetic curiosity and a constant need for mental and emotional stimulation in a relationship. Dating someone with this placement could prove challenging for a sensitive and or emotional personality type. 

Dating Someone With This Placement

When you meet someone with this placement, the first thing you’ll notice is their conversational acrobatics. They can be in and out of several conversations covering a multitude of topics without breaking a sweat. They’re witty, charming and they easily attract a lot of suitors. 

If love is a game, your partner is an expert player. You’ll need to pay attention and have the mental ability and emotional fortitude to keep up. A person with this placement is playful in love and doesn’t see the problem with dating many people at the same time.

After all, variety is the spice of life and for this placement, you could very well be one of many delicacies being sampled currently. The best way to handle this is to focus on the time you spend with your partner because you will surely enjoy yourself. 

This placement likes to have fun and promote positive vibes so if you want to keep them around for a while, join in on the fun, don’t ask too many questions, and let the chips fall where they may. Mental stimulation is the best way to peak the curiosity of someone with this placement and once they’re curious, they have to follow that curiosity until they’re properly stimulated and satisfied. 

The old saying “always leave them wanting more” has never been more true than when you’re dating a Venus in Gemini spectacular spectacle. Your partner likes mentally simulating games and puzzles so if you could take them to a live taping of a game show or do an escape room with them you’ll get an enthusiastic partner with a smile as wide as they are capable of mustering. 

This placement also enjoys stimulating conversations and experiences more so than any other placement in the zodiac. Consider taking your partner to new events or conventions where they can learn about something new and meet new people and watch them work the room like a shooting star. 

This placement has a keen sense of what to say, how to say it, and when to say it and to them it’s just being nice and having fun so don’t put too much on what’s being said to you. Not in the sense that they’re full of it; it’s more like they’re making you feel good and putting a smile on your face because they like you, not because they’re madly in love with you. 

If there was ever a placement you should be cautious about giving your heart to, this is that. 

Having This Placement

If you have this placement, you don’t worry about much in the love department but we could stand to gain from a different perspective on things. 

You’ve developed a gift for gab and your weapon of choice is your mind and that’s fantastic. Just don’t expect the whole world to see it that way. Keep an eye out for people who may take this sportsman like approach to dating personally. 

You’re a great judge of character and you always have something witty and comical locked and loaded but grasping the depths of an emotional reaction isn’t exactly your strong suit. Try to remember everyone doesn’t use words the same way you do. Sometimes what a person is saying to you is a precursor of their upcoming behavior. 

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, have fun. Have as much fun as you can while you can and don’t feel bad about it. We all have a role to play and you’re the life of the party. Don’t put any effort into finding a partner you’ll be fine.

You’ll burn through tons of potential suitors in your search but that’ll make your instincts about people stronger. You’ll gain experience and insight into life most of us will only read about or see on TV. Time flies when you’re having fun and one day you’ll be a little older than the age you set for yourself to have settled down but that’s ok it’ll happen when it happens. 

Try to keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences. You’re an interesting person. People would love to hear your stories or even relive some of your more interesting adventures with you. Moving on from someone or something is one of your many talents but one day you’ll be older and looking back on those experiences you’ve forgotten about will light your face up and warm your heart. 

And don’t forget to slow down every once in a while and enjoy the scenery. If life was a highway your zipping in and out of lanes throwing money and champagne out of the window but even a force like yourself will eventually need to recharge. Stop, take a deep breath, and smell the roses along your journey. 

You’ll probably make your way through the entirety of the zodiac a few times over but your most compatible matches are Venus in; Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Libra. 

Venus in Cancer – Men and Women

Venus In Cancer Natal Chart

Cancer is the fourth sign in the zodiac and the first water sign to make an appearance. 

And as such, you can expect a powerful flow of emotion that cancers find difficult to control. The sign’s avatar is a crab which is fitting for as the cancer typically is soft on the inside, but displays a tough exterior to ward off would be predators. 

The cancer’s ruling planet is the moon and which is one half of the duo that begins our days and nights and the cancer’s energy is similar. Cancers have a homely, motherly, nurturing disposition to their character and you can often find them hosting events at home or pretty much any activity that involves family and the home environment. 

Cancers are usually great with money and make excellent partners to the right mate. But if you’re the wrong mate, there is no fury like a Cancer scorned. This is not the sign to play with in the matters of love. 

They take their love life and their feelings seriously and it would be in your best interest to do the same. They began a courtship with caution and maybe even a bit of cynicism but when they do fall for you, they fall hard. 

I mean head over heels, heart eyes, you’re my soul mate hard. If you aren’t interested in something long term don’t play with this sign it simply just isn’t fair. 

Dating Someone With This Placement

When you take Venus in place it in the sign Cancer, you get a very loving, mature, and emotional connection. You can expect this partner to be romantic and passionate in their display of affection. Because they’re so emotionally powerful in matter of the heart, they often find themselves being more reserved than they are in an effort to hold back but once they decide it’s safe to come out and play, it’s with full force. 

When you meet your Venus in Cancer, they’re going to be standoffish and they might appear uninterested but stay the course and they’ll begin to warm up to you. Patience is key with this placement. I’d advise being more level headed than not because when emotions flare up (and they will) someone will have to be the reasonable one. 

This placement is capable of logic and intelligence in other areas but when it comes to matters of the heart, they operate based on how they feel. They’re feelings lead the way and their intuition is highly developed because of it. They want to know how you feel and they want you to know how they feel in return. 

When you’re dating this sign think traditional romance. Flowers, candy, soft music, etc. Venus in Cancer wants to be swept off their feet by their partner. They will return the energy, and radiate an almost blind loyalty to their partner that can only be broken by you. 

This placement is all about being in a loving, caring relationship and making it work for both parties; if what they want is possible, they’ll make it happen. If it isn’t possible and you know it isn’t possible, you need to make that abundantly clear and the sooner the better.

This placement is vulnerable to being taken advantage of and to some other placements that may be tempting but whatever you think you’d gain certainly won’t be worth the wrath you’ll incur for playing with this placement’s feelings. 

If Venus in Cancer suspects you’re playing a game or you get caught doing something you know is disrespectful to the relationship, prepare for war. This placement has a legendary reputation for over the top responses to what they perceive to be disrespect in the love department. 

Having This Placement

You’re a sensitive soul and that’s fine. Actually, it’s your super power, In matter of the heart, you’ve learned to take your feelings seriously and because if that, you’ve developed and polished intuition that won’t lead you wrong if you trust it. 

Taking dating seriously is your calling card but do understand some people date for the sake of dating or simply for the thrill of the game. It doesn’t mean they’re trying to hurt you, it just means you should be more careful with who you give your heart to. 

You’re a loving caring, partner and when you find the right person you’ll make them very happy. When you’re dating, keep the fact that you’re a great catch with something special to offer in mind. If a person doesn’t want to be with you, it’s their loss.

You deserve a partner who will appreciate you and at least attempt to match the effort you put into trying to make a relationship work. If a relationship goes south, try not to do anything that will get you in trouble. If it’s illegal, don’t even think about it. 

You’re very passionate about your relationships but when it’s time to end one and move on, it would help if you had a solid support system to help you through that tumultuous time. Being emotional isn’t a weakness it’s a strength.

When you do feel like you’ve found a potential suitor, try not to get nervous and put them through a bunch of trials to see if they measure up. You’ll just end up pushing them away in the long run. Instead, try to do something positive with all of that nervous energy like cook or arrange a romantic evening or something you think will bring the two of you closer and strengthen the relationship. 

This is a great placement for relationship experts so don’t be afraid to give your friends and family advice about dating as long as it’s positive. You’ve worked hard to maintain relationships and you understand the processes of different scenarios playing out.

You’re a valued lover and friend with something beautiful to offer there’s no need to rush into anything prematurely. Enjoy the process of dating and getting to know someone and follow your intuition when it comes to warning signs and red flags.

Your best Venus matches are; Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, and Sagittarius.