Pisces Sun Sign Woman

The Pisces Sun Sign Woman is very skilled at expressing herself. The Pisces woman is good at keeping others entertained and uses this skill to also express their emotions. The Pisces woman is a hopeless romantic and can get caught up in the idea of love. The Pisces does what it needs to do in order to protect themselves, which can keep them a bit cold and aloof to strangers or people they don’t fully trust.

The Pisces woman is attracted to people that take the time to understand them. A good listener with a kind heart goes a long way to impressing the Pisces. The Pisces is a bit of a hopeless romantic and will drop everything at the drop of a hat to entertain and be with a potential lover. Don’t be surprised if the Pisces woman becomes sappy and writes beautiful letters to their lover. 

The Pisces woman will find a way to show their love. They enjoy a peaceful environment, but they aren’t afraid of drama. If things begin to feel a bit stale, they will find a way to break up the monotony and make themselves heard. The Pisces would prefer everyone they love and care for to get along, but they understand that the world doesn’t work out as they idealistically dream, which could lead to them feeling a bit depressed and jaded. However, Pisces can be optimists and prefer to keep their rose colored glasses on. They believe they can become a positive impact on those around them.

Pisces Sun Sign Man

The Pisces Sun Sign Man is a very attentive and caring type. The Pisces man is very creative and helpful. The Pisces man knows what he wants in life and isn’t afraid to go after it. The Pisces man can be seen as a hopeless romantic because of his idealistic nature. The Pisces man may have some problems with self confidence because he knows how he can improve and always feels like he isn’t doing enough.

To attract a Pisces man, you will need to reach his heart. The Pisces man is somewhat of an addict for dramatics which can cause him to be swept up by a passionate lover. The Pisces also wants to give their full time and energy to an important relationship. Don’t be surprised if the Pisces drops everything in order to be with their lover. 

The Pisces man is very good at expressing themselves. They are likely to participate in the arts or music to get themselves seen and heard. The Pisces man has a good sense of humor and knows how to get people to laugh. The Pisces can sometime be seen as wishy washy in their decision making but they always know how to bounce back and their charm makes them well liked among their friends. Their spirit of keeping things light and fun when they are going through hard times will help others around them to keep things in proper perspective.

Cancer Sun Sign Man

The Cancer Sun Sign Man is dedicated to the friends and family that he keeps close in his life. The Cancer man is very patient and caring with his loved ones. He is ambitious and has big goals in his life that he may or may not achieve. They are something that keeps him driven. The Cancer man wants to look on the bright side and has a good sense of humor which makes him well liked. The Cancer man does his best to make sure his loved ones feel cared for and comfortable. The Cancer man is also hardworking when he knows that the work will pay off. 

To attract the Cancer man you have to show that you are attentive and care about family. The Cancer man will want someone that shows they care in many different ways. If they are dealing with someone who is aloof they may worry that the person will leave them when things get tough. The Cancer man does not do well with abandonment and may leave a potential partner that is showing signs of ghosting. The Cancer man will go the extra mile for their significant other as long as that person is showing signs of putting in the work for the relationship to work. 

The Cancer man is fun to be around when they feel loved and supportive. Please find a way to make them feel important and wanted. They will do the same, and they are great listeners which helps them better care for their loved ones. 

Cancer Sun Sign Woman

The Cancer Sun Sign Woman is very in tune with their family and close friends. The Cancer woman wants to be a provider to all around her and knows how to make the best use of the resources around her. The Cancer woman wants to make everyone around them feel comfortable and taken care of. She also has a great sense of humor which allows her to be well liked by those she feels comfortable enough to let her guard down.

To attract the Cancer woman it would help to be seen as a friendly and reliable friend that cares about family. If the Cancer woman can see that you are serious about family, they might find a way to include you in their life. The Cancer woman takes their significant other relationship seriously, so if you are just into something more casual, they will eventually grow very frustrated. The more mature Cancer knows that she needs more from a relationship than that and won’t waist their time on someone that isn’t fully committed. 

The Cancer woman is very interested in acquiring resources that will make her family more protected. You might see the Cancer woman start a business or become an entrepreneur. The Cancer woman isn’t afraid to go after and fight for what she wants. She is able to work hard at goals as long as it is for a purpose greater than herself. 

Libra Sun Sign Woman

The Libra Sun Sign Woman is great at being a conversationalist and building up others around her. She leads with optimism and finds a way to get others involved and feel like they are a part of something. The Libra woman might have an underdog streak and want the people that aren’t receiving their fair share to be able to get a shot. 

The Libra woman is a woman of justice and balance and believes that everyone should treat others fairly, however, this doesn’t mean they feel guilty about enjoying their own life. The Libra woman wants others to be happy and that includes themselves. They have a flair for fashion and what is stylish, and will open up their checkbooks to make sure they are enjoying life to the fullest. 

The Libra woman wants to be pursued. They do not want someone that is just half in and half out. They need to know that the are the number 1 pursuit of a potential lover. They are prone to flattery, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but they may get swept up in the niceties of others instead of seeing the situation in the correct way. 

The Libra woman wants to make a difference. They believe they can help the community around them and then take actions to make everyone feel better. The Libra is also good at using their words to deescalate the tension in situations. The Libra woman has a gift with words and know just the right thing to say.

Libra Sun Sign Man

The Libra Sun Sign Man wants the world to be a fun stage. The Libra man is always taking things lighthearted and doesn’t exactly enjoy seeing the world in conflict. This doesn’t mean they shy away from conflict however. The enjoy the drama of being in the mix and want to figure out a solution that is best for everyone.

They want to be a valuable asset to their employer and the loved ones in their lives. While they can sometimes seem flighty and avoidant, the Libra man is great at making sure their loved ones are feeling properly heard and taken care of. 

If you want to attract a Libra man, you may need to show a bit of flash and pizzazz to get their attention. A Libra man wants to live their best life, and they want someone that also wants this and that they can show off a bit. The Libra man enjoys gifts as acts of affection, so don’t be afraid to spoil him a bit. The Libra man enjoys being in a relationship and sees it as an extension of himself. That being said, a Libra also has an independent streak and prefers some time alone to recharge and process what needs processed. 

The Libra Sun Sign Man thrives in a competitive environment. The Libra wants to be the best, or at least be around the best. They are not afraid to get in the mix and rub shoulders with important people. The Libra sun can want to spend money on the best trips, food, and experiences which can cause them to fall into some financial troubles if they are not careful. 

The Libra sun needs variety in their life and they can become very bored if there is not enough happening. The Libra man can be a bit of a ham and wants the attention to be on them. The Libra will find a way to stand out, and they are great conversationalist which helps them get along with many people in their world.

The best way for the Libra to truly thrive is to find out what they actually enjoy. The Libra spends a lot of time trying to figure out others and may neglect their own needs and wants. The Libra can have an independent streak, but the opinions of others around them are also important. They will usually end up caving to public peer pressure if they don’t have a solid foundation and sense of self. The Libra needs to know that they will be just fine if they decide to march to the beat of their own drum, because they are just charming enough to get others to follow them. 

Scorpio Sun Sign Woman

The Scorpio Sun Sign Woman is a very passionate and sometimes intense individual. The Scorpio woman is good at figuring out other people and has a deep understanding of how the human mind works. The Scorpio Sun Sign Woman is skilled at noticing minor details that might go undetected by other people. This allows them to make excellent detectives if they would ever choose such a profession. They tend to do this naturally as they believe that knowing more about a person helps them understand if they feel safe enough to put their guard down and become more vulnerable.

The Scorpio woman can become absolutely engrossed in a romantic love interest if they are smitten. The Scorpio woman is able to figure out how to get the attention of their interest. The Scorpio woman has their own inner depth, but they can also be curious enough in their love interest to take on some of their hobbies as their own. The Scorpio woman loves jumping into a new topic that excites them, and if they have someone to share this topic with, even better. 

The Scorpio woman is always looking to understand something on a deeper level. When other types has already become bored at moved on, the Scorpio will continue to dig more into the psyche to see if there is anything they might have missed.

The Scorpio woman exudes confidence, especially when it comes to topics they know a lot about. They trust that they have put in the time and the research to know better than 90% of the population. These skills allow the Scorpio woman to move up and advance their career as necessary.

However, while they do find their career very rewarding and fulfilling, it will always take a back seat to a true romantic love interest. Many Scorpio women are known to be hopeless romantics and want to find a partner that can sweep them off their feet. The Scorpio woman will go to great lengths to inspire and please their partner. 

The Scorpio woman can be complicated to get along with. The Scorpio always wants something new and exciting to pursue, and can become quite bored when life begins to feel the same and stagnant. This can cause the Scorpio woman to change jobs, friends, or relationships rather quickly and abruptly. The Scorpio will want to feel like there is more to life than just a traditional relationship with traditional values. The Scorpio needs to find a way to balance their boredom and zest for life with their daily tasks and should take some time to slow down and smell the roses. 

Overall, the Scorpio woman is a fun, exciting, and dynamic person that anyone would be lucky enough to get to know. They are looking for fun and fulfilling relationships and will go to the depths to find them. If you are looking to attract a Scorpio woman, make sure your life is interesting and dynamic as the Scorpio will naturally be attracted to knowing more.  

Scorpio Sun Sign Man

The Scorpio Sun Sign Man can feel a bit mysterious, but you can sense the passion lying dormant underneath. The Scorpio man understands how to deal with his environment and find a way to get what he wants. 

If you are trying to attract a Scorpio man, then you have to remain diligent but also keep him guessing. If you are truly someone that the Scorpio man might be interested in, you will likely find that he wants to know more about you. Allow the Scorpio man to take the lead in pursuit of you, but find ways to continue to peak his interest. If you are living a fulfilled life then the Scorpio man may become intrigued and want to be a part of it. 

The Scorpio man is able to listen to his instincts and figure out the best way to deal with people. He may come off a bit emotional at times, but this is a strength and not a weakness. The Scorpio man is able to channel his emotions and passions into his work, which allows him to produce rich and valuable works rather it be through physical labor or using his creative mind to make vivid artwork. 

The Scorpio man has a keen attention to detail with objects of his affection. The Scorpio man wants others to pay the same level of detail and can become frustrated if the reality of a situation doesn’t match up to his idealistic dreams. However, one the Scorpio matures, he can find the way to coax out the best in others, as well as temper his expectations a bit. The Scorpio man will enjoy how closely his dreams and goals match up in the real world. People are not endlessly motivational but they can become inspired by the Scorpio man. This is something he needs to recognize because if he has low self esteem he might not realize how much of an impact he is having, causing him to become too critical and self defeating. However, once he notices that he is able to gently “nudge” a situation in a positive direction, he will continue to thrive and build a world around him that is closure to what he envisioned in his mind.

The Scorpio Sun Sign Man is very attentive to the people he lets into his life. He cares about others and wants to figure out the best way to deliver value. The Scorpio is not afraid to dive deep into uncharted territory in under to best understand others around him. The Scorpio man is also dive deep into his own subconscious and figure out what makes him tick. A very mature Scorpio man is a delight to be around because they have figured out the best way to deal with others and finds just the right words to say to make others feel at ease as well as learn more about themselves. 

How to tell if he is in love with you according to his Zodiac Sign

How to tell if he is in love with you according to his Zodiac Sign

So, we all have that feeling when we know someone is into us and when we meet someone and we click
right away, however some people get mixed signals and it’s hard to understand if that’s the case, or if
they’re just flirting just for fun.  
Some people are a bit impulsive when they fall in love and give it their all, but at some point, they realize
that they went too fast.  
Another great tip to understand how a man gives affection and cares about someone is by looking at the
Moon and Venus in his natal chart. The Moon represents your mother and your emotions, allowing you
to understand the mother’s role in his life and how he will treat you as well. Venus represents the type
of woman he is attracted to.  
In this article, we focus on specific signs that he is in love with you according to his  Zodiac Sign, but as
we’ve mentioned before, you can also relate the following description to his Moon sign and Venus sign.  
When an Aries man is in love, it is really hard to understand if he is falling in love or if it’s just a passion
that just like fire at some point will fade, but you’ll understand an Aries as soon as he wants to possess
you. Aries man loves to be in control, but as soon as they want you in their life they will be twice as
protective as they usually are. They will want to know what are you doing, with who you are with and
you’ll realize if he loves you if he is willing to take away time from his friends and sports to be with you.
When an Aries man dedicates his full time to you, he is truly in love with you! However, do not make
him feel insecure because the minute that he does not feel that you feel the same for him, he will not
mind turning away.  
When a Taurus man is in love, he will give you affection and is very romantic, however, when a Taurus
man feels comfortable he will not go out of his way to do this again, leaving you doubtful if he still feels
the same way. The key here is if a Taurus includes you in his family and to his home, without a doubt, he
truly loves you. Taurus enjoys his privacy and does not let anyone invade it, so if he allows you to come
in that is a sign that he is falling for you.  
When a Gemini man is in love, it is so hard to tell if this is the case. Gemini’s are so good at disguising
their feelings leaving any woman in doubt, but here is the thing, a Gemini has no issues in letting go
when he is bored or is no longer interested. So if you find yourself arguing with him lately and if he still
shows interest and wants to stay that’s because he truly is in love with you, however, if he continues to
ask you for space and is still communicating with you while doing so, you better bet, that something is
When a Cancer man is in love, he will be highly sensitive to what you feel and think about him. He will
show concern for your feelings and is very caring, and as soon as he includes you in his group of friends,
and in his family that’s because he wants you not just for a couple of months, but yes for life. As soon as
a Cancer man allows you to be included in his personal life, lets you know about his life and past, that’s
because he trusts you enough to do so.  

When a Leo man is in love, he is very affectionate and romantic, he enjoys doing fun things with you, but
at the same time will want to take it slow before he assumes the relationship in public because if things
go wrong he doesn’t want to look bad. As soon as Leo lets everyone know about you, he trusts that you
are worth keeping in his life.  
When a Virgo man is in love, it is so hard to understand! Virgo’s aren’t much affectionate, it’s so hard for
them to compliment someone because they’re so insecure themselves as well, besides the fact that they
are always looking for something perfect and they can be quite a bit picky or they can criticize a lot. It
will be hard to please them, and if they are pleased, they have a hard time showing so, however, a Virgo
man is very loyal and wants to feel helpful. So, his way of showing that he loves you is through taking
care of you in small ways, this can be something simple as helping you with something around the house
or even with your car. He will not allow you to contact anyone else before he tries to fix it for you.  
When a Libra man is in love, he will show so, but at the same time, you will feel confused because he
enjoys flirting with other people as well. Leaving you a bit confused, but at the end of the day, a Libra
will show you that you’re the only one he loves through affection, keeping communication between the
both of you, and taking well of you. Libra will include you in his life 100% of the time when he is in love
with you. Libra’s are afraid to compromise and if he is willing to assume a relationship with you and let
the world know, then trust me, he is in love with you!  
When a Scorpio man is in love, you will know, but at the same time, you will feel confused if it’s just
obsession or just to get into bed. Scorpio man enjoys intimacy and is always talking about it, which can
leave some woman uncomfortable and thinking that that’s only what they want of them, but trust me,
when a Scorpio man starts to talk about a future with you that he is really in love with you. He will have
no issues in mentioning what he would like to do and including you in his plans, and that is the key to
figure out when he is truly in love with you.  
When a Sagittarius man is in love with you, you will find it hard to understand because this is the kind of
man who will want to spend time with his friends as well, and still wants to feel free, however,
Sagittarius people do not like to play with anyone’s feelings and as soon as he feels like you are trying to
trap him or that you are feeling something that he isn’t, he usually has no filter and will let you know. If
a Sagittarius man keeps communicating with you and keeps on asking you out to do fun things, that’s
because he truly loves you.  
When a Capricorn man is in love with you, some Capricorn men are not comfortable with giving
affection, or with discussing their past they feel embarrassed and do not show much vulnerability.
Capricorn men are extremely disciplined and enjoy routine, however, if they are willing to spend more
money and time with you than what they usually do with anyone else than yes! He is so in love with
you! Another red flag that indicates that he is falling for you and keeping you, is if he speaks about his
mother to you and if he introduces him to his mother. A Capricorn man needs his mother’s approval and
if he is falling for you, he will let her know who you are.  

When an Aquarius man is in love, he can send mixed signals because he is not too attached to a person
as you would expect. He has this hyper energy to him, and he will not want to cuddle much on the
couch, however, he will include you a lot in his life, especially if you have the same interests as him. He
will go out of his way to protect you and stand up for you as well. Let me tell you, it is hard for an
Aquarius man to fall in love, however, when he does that is because you are very special to him. Do not
make him feel trapped and obligated to do things that he is not comfortable doing, that will turn him
When a Pisces man is in love, he will show you all the love there is in the world. Pisces man is very
romantic and passionate, they love affection and will write you beautiful long poems to show you and to
conquer your heart, however, you may feel that something wrong as soon as he stops doing this, but
that’s not only the case. Some Pisces man stops doing this as soon as they are comfortable with you and
know that you’re forever theirs, but you will know if he is still in love with you, if he is willing to show his
love through other ways such as doing everything he can to please you, even if this means that he can’t
go out with his friends or do something else that he’d like to do.

Your First Child according to your Natal Chart

Your First Child according to your Natal Chart

Have you ever wondered how will by child be if I ever have one? Or, what kind of energy does your child
have? It is funny how we can find out so much through our natal chart, but this is something unique and
so accurate that this will blow your mind!
As you already might know, your natal chart is composed of 12 natal houses, each house has a different
significance and I like to compare them as if they were your timeline as well. As an example, the first
house is the exact moment you are born, it’s the first thing that is attributed to you, which is your body,
your second is who makes you feel secure in your first years of age, and your speech and so on.
So it’s interesting how these houses and the planets reveal so much about a person, and can somehow
lead you to understand how to react to certain things and your mission in life.
When it comes to children, this is something unique and I describe it as unique because you are bringing
someone into this world and creating a spiritual being. Just like you, this beautiful baby has his or her
mission and different energy, and by looking at the fifth house of your chart you will realize what energy
your child will have, and if you look at his or her chart you can see a strong presence of this sign also in
his or her chart as well. It’s fascinating that just by looking at the sign in your fifth house (along with any
other planet) this is also a great indicator of the sex-gender of your child as well. An example is, if your
5 th  house is in Aquarius, this means that there is a high possibility that your first child will be a girl.
Now, this is just an example, however, in this article, we want to focus on the sign that’s in your fifth
house and give you an idea of what kind of energy your child will have. If you already had your first child
let us know your thoughts in the comments section, we assure you that you can relate to the description
5 th  House in Aries
If your fifth house is in Aries, this means that your first child will have martian energy. He or she will
enjoy sports very much and will love to take the lead, it’s no surprise that he or she might not take
orders well, but will passionately love you very much! Aries children are also very triggered easily
whenever they do not have what they want, they aren’t very patient so don’t be surprised if he or she
can’t wait that long.
5 th  House in Taurus
If your fifth house is in Taurus, well you’re in luck! This child may be quite a bit stubborn but is very
patient and calm, you’ll find that in the first years of his or her life, that they enjoy being at home with
family and is very talented! I like to describe 5 th  house Taurus as the singers as well. These children can
usually sing very well and adore dancing!
5 th  House in Gemini
If your fifth house is in Gemini, it’s no surprise that this child adores communicating and will do so early
in life, this child is also extremely curious more curious than any other child really, and of course, it’s no
surprise that this child can be very moody at times, you might have a hard time figuring out what’s
wrong with him or her, but no worries, this is just part of his or her nature. Gemini has a hard time
recognizing and dealing with emotions.

5 th  House in Cancer
If your fifth house is in Cancer, you can expect a very sensitive, but loving child. It’s no surprise that this
child will be very protective of you and just like a Cancer will love to pout, however, this child has a great
sense of humor and such a great bubbly personality to her or him that will make everyone fall in love.
5 th  House in Leo
If your fifth house is in Leo, expect a child who will want your attention 24/7, this is a child who is very
social and is very talented as well, however, similar to Aries, Leo does not want to wait one second for
whatever it is that he or she desires. This is a child is very affectionate and loves hugs kisses at all time.
5 th  House in Virgo
If your fifth house is in Virgo, you can expect a very picky child who is naturally organized. This is a child
who likes to be clean at all times and doesn’t like to spot anything dirty. You can also find many Virgo
traits in this child and one of them will be, fixing what is broken.
5 th  House in Libra
If your fifth house is in Libra, expect everyone to adore your child,  he or she might be a bit timid, but he
or she has a gift of having everyone fall in love without even opening his or her mouth. He or she will
have such a great way with words, and will easily persuade you into getting whatever he or she likes.
5 th  House in Scorpio
If your fifth house is in Scorpio, it’s no surprise that your little one will love getting into trouble,
however, he or she loves intensely and is very loyal and protective of the people who she is mostly
attached too. Expect your little one to be very curious and you’ll find your child investigating and digging
through everything.
5 th  House in Sagittarius
If your fifth house is in Sagittarius, this is a child who adores adventure and loves to be outdoors! No
matter how sad your child is, he or she is very forgiving and will move on quickly. Of course, you can
expect a child who doesn’t like a routine that much, and won’t want to go to bed early, but his or her
beautiful positive energy will bright up your day!
5 th  House in Capricorn
If your fifth house is in Capricorn, you are blessed to have a patient and disciplined child who respects
and praises whatever it is that you teach him or her. This is the kind of child who will feel bad for missing
a chore or for not doing an extra page of homework.
5 th  House in Aquarius
If your fifth house is in Aquarius, you can expect a very hyper child who will skip from one activity to
another, someone who will care about others in general but who will not mourn or cry much because he
or she is always focusing on the next fun thing to do.
5 th  House in Pisces
If your fifth house is in Pisces, this child is very curious but also very receptive to energies surrounding
him or her. You can also expect a child who is very sensitive and who will want your attention and above
all will want your approval. He or She will have such a great sense of humor and will be very friendly!