Aquarius Under Stress: The Aquarius’s Unhealthy Dark Side

Aquarius Under Stress: The Aquarius’s Unhealthy Dark Side

Aquarius, you are ruled by the planet of unexpected changes and surprises – Uranus. You’re a handful of surprises yourself. Truth be told, you are the most unpredictable of all signs. Just like a coin, you have two sides. You can be very outgoing or very introverted.

You’re an independent and rebellious spirit, which is what makes you special. Very creative, intelligent, and with a natural gift of gathering up people when you want. You have a unique style due to your artistic taste, which is so unusual that some might consider it to be a bit too strange. You are very innovative. Most of you are known for being the best at developing, inventing and revolutionizing, especially with technology.

Regarding your emotions, some can consider you to be cold as ice. However, deep down that’s not true. You just have that superpower of wearing that poker face and not showing what you feel inside. Your dedication to humanitarian causes can drive you to do things like no other. That’s why some see you as a bit crazy, but they’d actually love to have your courage and dedication.

Besides all of your positive traits, like every sign, Aquarius also has an unhealthy dark side.

The Top 10 Unhealthy Aquarius Traits

1. You have the capacity of cutting the cord like no one else. In other words, you have no problem with breaking a relationship. You have a tendency of disappearing and ghosting people whenever you feel offended.

2. Your determination to fulfill your goals can make you step over people. You have the power of manipulating people into agreeing and following the steps for you to get exactly what you want, even if that means that you hurt someone else’s feelings.

3. Since you are natural rebel, rules don’t apply to you. You simply don’t believe in them which can lead you into trouble. You will let everyone know your thoughts and strike whenever you need to. You want everyone to believe in what you say, and you absolutely can’t stand rejection.  

4. When you are angry at someone, you tend to not argue much – you are short and to the point. However, when feeling pushed, you will ring the alarm! Aquarius will verbally attack like no other. Aquarius has the ability of pointing out its enemy’s weakest point in such way that his or her rival will have no choice but to surrender.

5. You have a tendency to be reserved, tight-lipped, and to not share your feelings, even during times when you probably should, which can sometimes lead you into the darkest places. There is no use in asking an Aquarius what’s wrong, you will never know.

6. Aquarius’s have an unique way of looking at things from their own point of view, meaning that it will be a waste of energy and time to debate with an Aquarius when it already has its mind set about a certain topic.

7. Aquarius’s lack of empathy can lead to taking extreme actions without resentment. It can also be complicated for an Aquarius to maintain any type of relationship. When it comes to love, Aquarius kind of adopts the “if you like me great, if not, I couldn’t care less” kind of attitude that can create a bit of tension between the Aquarian and their partner.

8. An Aquarian is known for their dignity. Haughty as it is, it will never cry in front of anyone. Crying can be a healthy process. Some people cry more often than others, but not an Aquarian. That won’t be happening with an Aquarian, not for anything, and if you see it happening, run! Not expressing their hurt feelings can create a rollercoaster of emotions that can later lead into worse consequences and that is, without a doubt, unhealthy.

9. An Aquarian feels easily bored. This sign needs to be surrounded by what’s different and hates to stick to the same old same. Aquarians will never open easily when it comes to intimacy but when they do, they expect something different. Do not bore them in bed! When discussing a certain topic with an Aquarius person and letting them know what your opinion is, you might find that their mind will drift off. That’s because they’re quick thinkers and need to hear something that they haven’t heard before. If not, their brains will travel to other places while you are talking.

10. Aquarius, you are so clever and see things in such a distinct way, which others can’t recognize. However, you can overthink everything to the point that you drive yourself crazy! And finally, your sarcasm. You can be very sarcastic at times, especially when It comes to joking around. Not everyone has the ability of understanding your humor. Others can view this as a distorted kind of humor. You might not want to intentionally shock people, but not everyone can handle the way you express yourself. Which is why, during a large part of your life, you might have felt like you never fit in.

Overall, these unhealthy habits might be a curse to some and a blessing to others. You are unique in your own way. No one can match your brainpower and you won’t let feelings get in your way no matter what. You fight for what you believe is right (even if that means breaking the rules) and you don’t waste time with someone that has hurt you or even when you’re bored. You are so unpredictable but who doesn’t love a surprise? It’s a blessing not to feel the need to please anyone. Just be careful to not get yourself into trouble – we all know that you can be irresponsible at times.