Moon in Leo: Leo Moon Compatibility

The Moon in Your Natal Chart

The Moon, the beautiful natural satellite of the earth, which shines bright in the night sky, affects our behavior. It affects the earth’s tides, and it has been a guidepost for many people all around the world. The Moon has been a guide informing people about the weather, when to garden, even serving as a guide for several animal species. For centuries people have used the Moon to predict many events as well.

In Astrology, the Moon is a vital part of your natal chart. You’re probably wondering why.

The Moon, ruler of the sign Cancer, carries your emotions from the past. Every feeling you’ve felt in the past is registered and can create specific blockages, which can have you instinctively react or respond differently. The Moon is an excellent indicator of how you protect yourself and what it is that you need to feel secure and heal emotionally. The Moon in a natal chart also represents the mother figure and how nurturing you are.

This is why the Moon is the perfect place to look at in your natal chart to understand if you are compatible or not with someone else.

If your Moon was in Leo at the exact moment you were born, then you may relate to the following description.

Moon in Leo

You have such a high energetic and talented energy to you that everyone loves, and immediately when you enter the room, everyone’s eyes are on you, and truth be told – you love it!

You are very affectionate, and you have such a great way of showing your passion for what you love. However, you can be dramatic at times. You are also very loyal to the ones you love.

Since the zodiac sign that owns the stage (Leo) is in your Moon, you expect respect from everyone and will not tolerate anything less than what you deserve.

You love being the leader, and you’re very confident in yourself, helping others feel the same. However, you might be a bit “bossy,” which is why you might find yourself at conflict at times. Your need for attention can also drive you to do crazy things at times.

Moon Compatibility

Leo Moon and Aries Moon

Both enjoy being leaders; however, you instinctively own the stage while Aries is competitive and tries to win the prize.

You have what Aries looks for, which is loyalty. You also love to have fun and are easily engaged in activities that Aries likes as well.

The only challenge between you two is that both can be authoritative, and both egos are wounded easily. However, if one is willing to be more submissive, this is a good combination.

Leo Moon and Taurus Moon

Both fixed signs will not work out very well. Just like oil and water, the both of you don’t mix.

Taurus resists changes and is not a fan of your hyper energy and how bored you can get at times. Although both signs are very loyal and enjoy being with family, your Leo moon craves attention and craves getting what’s the best. In contrast, Taurus is comfortable providing for the family and saving money so that there are no surprises.

Leo Moon and Gemini Moon

This is such a joyful and playful combination.

Leo moon loves to have fun, enjoy life, and be the center of attention.

Gemini, the social butterfly, enjoys chatting and has a great sense of humor as well as a young spirit. Leo Moon admires Gemini hyper energy. However, Leo might feel annoyed with Gemini’s sense of humor at times. Despite this, both moon signs can connect very well emotionally.

Leo Moon and Cancer Moon

This is not such a great combination.

Leo Moons need all the attention it can get and enjoys to have fun. Leo Moons also like to show what life is about, and pretty much opens up their book of life to everyone. While Cancer, on the other hand, is an extremely sensitive person that needs to be appreciated and needs to feel secure. For Cancer to feel secure, it needs to feel as if it is protected as well as the one he or she loves. With that said, Cancer will be not fancy Leo’s need to show off. Neither is Cancer a fan of Leo’s constant need for attention and how it can be dramatic at times. Leo is not a fan of Cancer’s sensitivity and will have no patience for it whatsoever.

Leo Moon and Leo Moon

Identical energies can work out but might also create an explosion. Mixing Leo fire with another Leo fire can create a dispute between both on who gets the spotlight in the relationship and who “wears the pants.” This combination can work since both understand each other. However, someone needs to be more submissive, or else it will explode.

Leo Moon and Virgo Moon

Virgo’s conservative energy is not a fan of Leo exhibiting and wanting to be the center of attention. Virgo’s need to have everything perfect will drive Leo crazy, Virgo’s need to criticize will also make Leo feel as if they are worthless. Leo will not understand Virgo’s constructive criticism.

Leo Moon and Libra Moon

This is a great combination!

Libras love to socialize and are great at keeping a harmonious and balanced environment, which is precisely what Leo needs – someone who will understand Leo even when they are dramatic. Both adore being the soul of the party and want to have fun. Libra does not mind Leo’s need for attention and can be very romantic.

Leo Moon and Scorpio Moon

Leo’s energy is so different from Scorpio. Scorpios feel things in such an intense way, are very private, and are also very protective of people they love. They’re also very brutally honest. Leo will not understand Scorpio’s jealous ways, and Scorpio will not like the idea of Leo always being in the spotlight, making Scorpio feel unprotected and threatened.

Leo Moon and Sagittarius Moon

Both get along very well, since both enjoy traveling, having fun, and searching for the next innovative thing to do. However, Leo Moon might feel as if Sagittarius doesn’t care at times since Sagittarius needs to feel free and isn’t as affectionate as Leo would like.

Leo Moon and Capricorn Moon

I don’t see both working out. Leo will find Capricorn Moon immediately dull and lacking self-confidence. Capricorn’s fear of failing will not attract Leo, and Capricorn will not enjoy Leo’s desire for attention and affection. Capricorn is also not a fan of Leo’s need to spend money on items that aren’t necessary.

Leo Moon and Aquarius Moon

Both get along very well. However, Aquarius’s detachment can hurt Leo. Leo desires and needs the attention, affection, and all eyes to be on Leo. Aquarius enjoys being with Leo. However, Leo isn’t a fan of Aquarius trying to boss people around and won’t be submissive.

Leo Moon and Pisces Moon

Both feel attracted to each other and can work out well. However, in this case, Leo will take advantage of Pisces since Pisces are usually willing to do whatever they have to do for the ones they love. Leo, of course, will “boss” Pisces around a bit, and can be inconsiderate of Pisces’s feelings.

Libra Under Stress: The Libra’s Unhealthy Dark Side

Libra Under Stress: Dark Side of Libra

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Beautiful, materialistic Venus. This sign is in the element Air. Early in life Libra, you are very shy. However, you later turn out to be very social. Libras have this ability to reflect Venus’s beauty not only physically, but also through manners and kindness. People usually love Libra, since it is known to be such a pleasant sign. Libras are a very honest and fair-minded sign.

Libra, you’re always that person that your friend goes to whenever they want to do something right and need advice from someone who knows how to analyze things in a neutral way. I like to describe it as if you’re the therapist, coach, or judge of the zodiac for the same reason. 

Libra’s Darkside:

1. “Will you make up your mind already?”

Libras are very indecisive. They like to balance everything before making a final decision, and they tend to do this with everything in their life. Libras hesitation when deciding can play with people’s feelings because it takes so long. Even if that means something like deciding if they want a person in their life, they will take forever, not letting the other person go on with their own life.

2. “What a Prick!”

When someone argues with you, and raises their voice, you will not do the same. You know how to keep your “cool” and you remain very calm. However, you will seek revenge in other ways. One common outlet is talking trash to others and joining a group to be against that person. You also master the art of victimizing yourself in this process, as if you weren’t part of the reason why the person was initially “triggered”.

3. Hating Confrontation

Libras, you like to be at peace, even when you’ve done something wrong. You don’t want to admit it and ignore it instead of getting it over with as soon as possible. They will avoid confrontation. So, don’t feel surprised if Libra won’t respond to your texts, take your calls, or even answer the door. You just don’t want to talk about it, and if that time ever comes, you’ll just make some excuse or lie to run away from the issue. 

4. Selective Memory 

Libra, you’re mostly known for being very fair and neutral but you can also be very selective, especially if you need to decide on something that you will benefit from. You are great at arranging reasons to justify your decisions by selecting memories and reasons that will work in your favor. This drives people crazy because you’ve forgotten (or at least pretend) as if you’ve forgotten certain things, while they haven’t. Times like these are when you’re acting in a way that is unfair to others. 

5. “It’s only my charm, don’t let it trick you.”

Libras, you are incredibly charming, and that can play with people’s thoughts. You are also very persuasive and transmit this idea that you’re a friendly, kind person, and you’ll agree with what people’s thoughts are even if it goes against what you think. People will enjoy being in your company and think that you are very genuine, and they may even identify themselves in you. It’s just that superpower of charming people that does the trick. You can transmit the wrong idea of what you believe in, just to fit in.

6. “Flirting? Who? Me? Never!”

Libra, you are very social butterflies, and you don’t like being stuck talking to just one person the whole night, even when you’re in a relationship. You’ll want to meet other people at the bar, communicate, and introduce your partner, of course. Your partner might not enjoy it when you do that since you still are technically flirting with other people. You disguise it as your way of being very social, which you are, but let’s be honest here, you did fancy someone near the bar.

7. Narcissism 

Libra, you may not confess to this, but you’re dying to have the whole room talk to you and compliment you on how gorgeous you are looking tonight. Your goal is to make a great impression and have everyone thinking about how classy and friendly you are. You never get out of the house without making sure that your hair looks great, you have the right combination of clothes on, and that your earrings look good with the outfit. You always dress to impress, so if you’re going to an interview you’ll dress business casual. If you’re going out with your “hippy” friends, you’ll dress according to their style and so on. Your goal is to be part of the group and to have everyone like and notice you, right? 

8. “You dumped me? Who cares! I’m out…”

After a breakup, you will act as if you don’t care at all. Libra, you will put on your fancy shoes and head to the club. You’ll bring the subject up several times at the table with your friends, partying and talking about it as if it isn’t a big deal for you. You may find yourself talking trash about your ex non-stop, but the reality is that you do care a lot. The funny thing is that while you’re talking trash about your ex, you’re still keeping in touch and hoping that it will work out between you two. 

9. “I am drunk, let me use this as a peace-making potion.”

After Happy Hour is over, a Libra will want to make amends more than ever. Libra is that character that you’ll find at your door to make up when they’re tipsy. I like to call Libra the hippy drunk. When you have fun, you have a great time, but you can be a pain by the end of the night, because deep down something is bothering you and you want to be at peace. It’s as if you’re living the night as if you’ll die tomorrow, which isn’t the case. 

10. Always in Conflict

Libra, you may have many flaws, but you are very fair when making decisions. You will try to be as neutral as possible, resulting in a fair solution that will make at least someone unhappy. That is exactly why you find yourself in consistent conflict, or with people that hate you for that same reason. Truth be told, if you want to be fair to everyone, that’s not always possible. Unfortunately, it may cause people to exclude you from their life. 

Leo Under Stress: The Leo’s Unhealthy Dark Side

Leo Under Stress: Leo’s Dark Side 

Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the biggest star that shines in our galaxy. Leo is the element fire, and just like fire and the sun, you love to shine. Leo, you feel the need to have the spotlight on you and to be recognized for your talents. You are known for being very loyal and for your pride. Leo, you manifest your feelings in such a passionate way.

You are known for being very protective of the ones you love, and you’re the soul of the party.

However, just like any other sign, you have a bad side to you as well. 

Leos’s Dark Side:

1. “They said that I was loyal. That doesn’t mean that I don’t lie.”

Oh yes, that’s true. You have a hard time admitting it, but you sometimes lie just to show off. Leo, you will dramatize things that weren’t so bad and will make things up to show how glorious you are in the middle of chaos. You’re also capable of lying just to impress. You’ll buy that imitation Louis Vuitton purse and act as if it were real. That’s just an example of how you’re capable of lying, just to be the one on “stage”. 

2. “It wasn’t me; it was her (or him)…”

When ending any kind of relationship, you will not admit to what you’ve done, and it was never your fault. You will blame others and talk trash just to show that they weren’t worth your time. You are royalty, and you need someone worthy of your love. You’ll do everything to show everyone that.

3. “How Dare You Speak to The King of The Jungle Like That?”

Leo, you will have no problem giving people an attitude. However, you don’t receive getting an attitude back very well. You will very quickly create a dramatic scene when you feel that you have been disrespected. You didn’t expect it to escalate it this way, but what else can you expect when you can sometimes resemble a Drama Queen?

4. “Me, Me, Me and. who else? ME”

Leo, you are so tied up in your ego, that sometimes you may not care for anyone else. You turn everything into being all about you. As an example, if a friend looks for you to receive some advice, suddenly you can turn the discussion to it being all about you, how you did it, and how you were smart. You might forget to give a damn about how he or she is feeling at that moment. You just want to show how you’ve overcome everything. 

5. “Move, Get out of my way… The spotlight belongs to me.”

Leo, you have a hard time accepting others being in the spotlight instead of you. Sometimes, you will do anything to push the attention all to yourself, even if that means humiliating the person that’s on stage. You don’t care about how other people feel. You’re the one who’s already on stage, how dare them?

6. A Moment of Silence, Please

When you’re speaking, all you want is all eyes and ears to be on you. It is forbidden to interrupt Leo while they’re speaking. Leo, that may make you furious because that’s a sign that they’re not listening to what you have to say. Of course, you will speak your mind and let people know how disrespectful that was. The only problem is that you won’t shut up about it. You’ll go on for hours on how mad you are for them doing that to you.

7. “I’m the boss around here, not you…”

There is no use in trying to boss you around, Leo. It will drive you crazy. You don’t take orders very well, even if it’s asked in a very kind way. You feel like you’re being taken advantage of, and how dare people treat the king of the jungle as a servant, right? 

8. “I see the big picture, not the details.”

Leo, you have a hard time having the patience of looking into details because you’re so focused on the big picture and how fancy it looks. To you, it’s all about the appearance. It doesn’t matter if there’s a bad side to it. If you look good in the picture, you could care less about the rest.

9. “I live mostly to show off on social media.”

Leo, you love to brag about everything that belongs to you. You are the kind of person that will be posting everything on social media. You might start your day by posting pictures of the awesome food you’re eating and bragging about how healthy it is. You may post pictures of your partner’s awesome body and brag about how sexy it is. You will post pictures on almost everything, looking to seek admiration. Your main drive might be to show how everything you do in life is the best, and that you are the best. 

10. EGO

Finally, the Ego. You have a big ego that is easily wounded when you feel rejected. Some people live off food, water, and emotions. Don’t get me wrong, you do too, but as part of the list of basic needs, attention is number one. If you didn’t receive much attention as a child, you can suffer major trauma and feel consistently unworthy of attention. 

Overall, Leo, you’re a heart full of passion and you love to share with others what you have to offer. Not everyone can understand you, but that’s not your fault. You’re the Queen/King of the jungle and everyone shall respect that. 

Gemini Under Stress: The Gemini’s Unhealthy Dark Side

Gemini Under Stress: Gemini Dark Side

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, God of the Communication. Gemini, you are very intelligent you love to communicate. There’s a bubbly side to you. You love to joke around. You have a very young spirit no matter at what age, you look always young. Gemini is usually very talented and loves to learn. 

However, unlike other signs, Gemini is very unpredictable. Just like your symbol, you can have two sides.

When you’re under stress, you are known to have one of the darkest sides and here are the Top 10 reasons why:

1. Impatient

When you’re stressed out, you lack the patience to hear about anyone’s feedback or advice. You have this horrible habit of thinking that you know it all, and you won’t accept what anyone has to say, because in your opinion, if it isn’t anything new, they shouldn’t even be opening their mouth. In times like these, you’re very harsh to the ones that don’t deserve it. You can be very selfish and put your own needs first, so you really don’t care about other people’s opinions. 

2. Over-Analyzing

You are a very logical sign. Because of this, you will replay certain situations in your brain. You will think that everything has logic or evil intention behind it. So, for example, your friend or next-door neighbor will offer you a welcome pie, and you simply won’t believe that it’s done with good intention. You’ll start thinking that there is some hidden interest behind that kind gesture. To you, everything has a reason or logic behind it. That is also because you can be incapable of serving and feeling the same way as other people do.

3. Not Being Real

Gemini, you have a talent for hiding what you feel about a certain situation or about people. You can be very shady when it comes to showing your true feelings. You’ll act like you love every little thing that everyone shows you, when the reality is, you don’t. You will not give your honest opinion, even if it’s asked for, you just want to please that person in front of you. However, you’ll have no problem talking behind their back.

4. Great at Manipulating 

Geminis are great communicators and you can easily persuade people turning you into a great manipulator. You have the superpower of understanding people’s “pain points” and providing them with the words they want to hear, you also master the art of “receiving” the information that you want to hear. 

5. Greedy

You are great at getting interested in several things, but you have a hard time sticking to being loyal to just one. You are greedy in the sense that you want to learn it all, and you hate sharing with others what you’ve learned. You are also the same way with mone. You may never want to help that cousin that will need to borrow a couple of bucks. Unless perhaps there is interest, and you gain something with lending it.  

6. Curious 

Gemini you are a very curious sign, and you’ll do everything to investigate or know whatever information you want to know. Some might even dig threw drawers and closets of their roommates or family members. 

7. Mood Swings

You never know what mood Gemini will be in today or in the next five minutes. You’re very unpredictable, and when you are moody, you won’t keep it to yourself. It’s as if the whole world needs to feel the same. People get confused, it gives you a bipolar look when you were hyper and happy a few minutes ago, and suddenly you become mad. 

8. Commitment Isn’t Easy (Sometimes Plan B is on the back of your mind.)

Gemini, sometimes you fear or even block the possibility of falling in love. It’s not easy for you to commit. That’s because it’s not easy for you to trust where love comes from when you are always thinking that people have the wrong intention. In relationships, you find yourself with Plan B in the back of your mind, meaning that if anything goes wrong with your partner, you’ll be the first to already have a plan. Also, people need to be careful with getting on your bad side, as you may have no issues in betraying people (if necessary).

9. It’s Not My Fault

Gemini, you won’t agree to this one, but those who know you most certainly will. 

You have the bad habit of blaming others for things that you’ve done, and this can drive people crazy! You can be so immature sometimes, and it’s never easy to blame yourself when you’ve done something wrong. So, for example, your mother asked you to prep a meal and suddenly things went wrong because you were distracted with something. You won’t blame yourself; you’ll blame your mother who asked you to do it in the first place. This is just an example that I am sure you’re disagreeing with, but those who know you can relate. 

10. You Love to Gossip (And Possibly Stretch the Truth)

Gemini, you love to gossip! When the information is coming from you, you have the tendency of adding lies to it for several reasons. 1. You want the conversation to continue because if it doesn’t it will just be boring, right? 2. Putting more drama to the story will allow you to talk more trash about whatever you’re talking about 3. You want people to hear you and you love spreading the information. 

Despite your bad side, you have a great sense of humor and a young spirit. People enjoy being around you because you transform them into thinking in such ways that they really don’t. Even though you don’t like to teach people whatever you’ve learned. You’re known to be the best teacher of the zodiac because you are very smart and persuasive. You know exactly how to capture people’s attention. 

I know these articles sound harsh, but we’re dragging all the types. Each type has a bad side, as well as an unbelievably good side, so don’t take these articles too much to heart. If you want to read about the Dark Side of each Astrology Type, check them out below!