Scorpio Under Stress: The Scorpio’s Unhealthy Dark Side

Scorpio Under Stress: Scorpio Dark Side

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto – a combination of the energy of a warrior, and energy from what is taboo: sex, death, and the occult. Opposite from what people think and associate Scorpio with, Scorpio’s are such great people. A Scorpio is very loyal to the ones they love and will always be by your side whenever you need them. Scorpio is a very energetic sign and is very hardworking.

Scorpio already has an intense look to them, and for those who are fans of astrology, they can usually tell right away that they’re dealing with a Scorpio. They stare with an intense look in their eyes and are very sexy creatures.

Now, enough about what’s good about Scorpio, let’s go on and see what you’re actually curious about, Scorpio’s bad side.

  1. Anger

When a Scorpio is mad, it’s all or nothing. Just like the scorpion, it will let it’s venom out through its claws. Scorpio will scream and break everything there is around him, or even physically get its hands on someone. You can tell that a Scorpio is going to do that when you see absolutely no expression in its face and eyes. That is the warning that Scorpio may explode!

  1. Revenge

It is no surprise that Scorpio seeks revenge. With Mars, the planet of war ruling it, you couldn’t expect it to be any different. When Scorpio feels betrayed, it will not rest until revenge is served. Scorpio is very tricky; you will not see it coming. So when messing with an unhealthy Scorpio, be aware that you’ll wake up in the morning with a flat tire, or with your windows broken. You might receive anonymous calls from perverted people because Scorpio provided them your number. A scorned Scorpio will make your life hell.

  1. Forgive? Perhaps. Forget? Never.

Just like any water sign, Scorpio has such a hard time forgiving people for what they’ve done. Scorpio will not keep any communication. They will ignore those text messages in which you apologize or that post on social media apologizing. Scorpio’s can ignore that for days to decades. Once they no longer feel as angry about it, Scorpio will end up forgiving the person. However, the bond you shared with Scorpio will never be the same. Scorpio is incapable of forgetting.

  1. Sexual Desire can Lead Scorpios to be Very Naughty

Mars, the planet of sexual desire, provides Scorpio with a very high libido. Scorpio isn’t ashamed of how sexual it is and will have no problem with making dirty comments about it. Some people see Scorpio as perverted for that same reason. Since they feel a strong desire and sexual attraction, Scorpio’s are capable of cheating, especially when they want revenge.

  1. Suspicion

Scorpio is very suspicious. It is always doubting people’s real intentions because it is so afraid of being betrayed. Scorpio may not accept a gift from a stranger or a compliment very well for that same reason.

  1. Over Protective

A Scorpio is very jealous and is capable of doing whatever it takes to protect the one it loves. You’ll find a Scorpio jealous over innocent things, whether it’s because you said hi to an old friend or because you look more attractive than usual. Scorpio will make sure that you have no new friends on your phone that they don’t know about or any hearts on your social media posts from friends that you were once interested in.

  1. You can’t keep a lie from me for too long

Just like any water sign, Scorpio is very intuitive. It’s as if it has a sixth sense. So when you’re lying to a Scorpio, they will feel that right away in their gut. Scorpio won’t stop until you admit the truth, or they find out. Just like a scorpion, Scorpio will dig into the darkest places to find the truth. Scorpio will already have your passwords without you knowing or will stalk you. They will never give up until they know for sure.

  1. Scorpio Will do Anything for Emotional Security

Scorpio’s feel the need to feel emotional and financially secure. Scorpio’s are very good at catfishing for that same reason. Scorpio will have no issue in using someone just to tell them what they want to hear or even to please their material and sexual desires. Some Scorpios date older people for the same reason. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t in love with the person. However, if the person doesn’t provide them with what they need, they may fall out of love with the person.

  1. Brutally Honest

Scorpio’s are very harsh with words. When seeking advice from a Scorpio, you can guarantee that Scorpio will not tell you what you want to hear. They will speak their mind and will not filter it at all. Scorpio is the type of friend that is worth keeping. Scorpio doesn’t want to see you hurt, and it will tell it like it is. This is Scorpio’s tough love, and comes from a good place.

  1. Pride in their intuition

Scorpios praise their intuition and stick to precisely what they feel without giving it a second thought. So perhaps, let’s say that Scorpio met one of your best friends, but Scorpio feels like he or she doesn’t have the best intentions. Scorpio will not let it’s guard down, and Scorpio won’t be fake. Scorpio will let their friend know that they aren’t a fan.

  1. “I want to be on my own, thank you.”

When a Scorpio is not doing well, Scorpio will beg to be on its own. It will not accept any kind of words from a friend. When a Scorpio reacts like this, that is because they are not well. When a Scorpio doesn’t respond or doesn’t let its anger out, they can become very self-destructive.

Overall, Scorpio’s are charming people, and if you don’t harm them, they’ll never harm you.

Pisces Under Stress: The Pisces’ Unhealthy Dark Side

Pisces Under Stress: Dark Side of Pisces

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, planets that are known for compassion, imagination, and positive energy. The sign is in the element of water. Just like any water element sign, you are very sensitive. Pisces are known for being very friendly and curious. You have artistic talents, and you love to daydream. Pisces, you can adapt your speech according to where you are and have a great sense of humor. You love to help others, and when you want something, you will do absolutely everything to achieve that goal.

Just like everyone Pisces, you also do have what we call a “dark side.”

Pisces’ Darkside:

  1. Curiosity Killed My Predator: The Cat

That’s right, just like their symbol, the fish, Pisces, is inquisitive. It’s not that you want to harm anyone or make anyone uncomfortable, but your curiosity can lead you to ask intrusive questions that many people might not appreciate. It’s not that you have any wickedness, you’re just curious, and you genuinely ask, thinking naively that there isn’t any harm in asking. This can lead you into very awkward situations.

  1. Laziness

Pisces, we know that when you want something, you’ll do everything in your will to get it. But before that, you will daydream about it and not finish the task until you’ve realized that you’re way behind. By that point, you’ll probably hire someone to help you out or give a friend a call.

  1. I Just Need to Escape from Reality

Pisces, you need to escape from reality, which is good. You find that escape through art and creativity. However, some of you will find it in unhealthy places in addictive substances, such as in the bar at happy hour. Well, it happens to be that “happy hour” is needed the most when you aren’t that happy at all. You have a terrible habit of not dealing with issues that create significant wounds, and that can sometimes lead you to the darkest places. You have a hard time letting go of what has hurt you, and in order to heal, you need to express those feelings in a healthy way.

  1. Walk and Talk Around Me as If You’re On Egg Shells

Pisces, you might even hate this about you, but the reality is that you are easily offended. You might find everyone around you being super cautious to not hurt your feelings with any specific words or jokes. It’s not your fault. That beautiful, sensitive, emotional side to you is the same reason why you take some things to heart, and you’re hurt easily. It’s as they say, there is always duality in everything in life.

  1. Lack of Determination

Pisces will not stick to what they should. There is a lack of self-discipline and determination at times. They’ll start off the week by saying that they are going to start a healthy lifestyle or quit drugs, but their lack of resolve can sometimes lead them to fail. Some Pisces are so dug up in their pain and victimization that they will never blame themselves or be aware that something needs to be done. This cycle, if not broken with time, will not turn out well.

  1. Expect the Worst

Pisces has the energy of Jupiter, the optimist. However, since you’re also ruled by Neptune – the planet of deception and confusion – You can sometimes be very eluded and see things in a very abstract way. When receiving feedback on their crazy ideas or thoughts, people will bring you down to earth and make you realize that it’s not as simple as you think, or in other words, it’s not as realistic. Pisces you have this way of always predicting the worst out of people for the same reason.

Number 7: I Need That To be Cheaper If Not, I’m Not Buying It.

Pisces, you’re awesome at managing your money and negotiating; however, you can put yourselves in embarrassing situations for that same reason. Pisces, you’re the kind of person that we’ll find at the grocery store with a vast number of coupons or asking for a discount at the cash register. You will do everything in your power to get a discount on that special item that you want, and if not, you demand to talk to the manager and the CEO. You’re probably embarrassing whoever is with you at the cash register, but you don’t care, you’re not leaving until they give you a discount. If not, you’re not bothering going back there ever again! You will make the biggest fuss over it, perhaps even raise your voice.

Number 8: Naïve

Pisces, you sometimes find that you’re fooled easily by everyone. You don’t focus on the possibility of people being “evil” or doing something cruel. People find it an easy task to manipulate you because you feel for people in ways that others don’t. So you can find that homeless people begging you for money because they need to buy food when in reality, they’re just using it for other purposes. That’s just an example, of course, you have a big heart, and you want to help others. When you do find out about the truth, you will never trust that person ever again.

Number 9: Yes, of course, I Heard What You Said

Pisces, when people are giving you advice or communicating with you. You have the most challenging time focusing or remembering what they’ve said. Many people are aware of that and will repeat things. Reality is that you’ve heard whatever has interested you, but all the rest just bored you, and somewhere in the middle of the conversation, you were daydreaming.

Number 10: Love to Gossip

Pisces, you aren’t too good at keeping secrets or information to yourself. You enjoy gossiping and sharing information with everyone you know. You are definitely the person that will call everyone in your own personal phonebook to let everyone know what your next-door neighbor did to you, or even post it on social media to get everyone’s feedback on it all at once.

Overall Pisces, you are unique, that beautiful way of escaping reality turns into art and talent just like no other, creating mind-blowing material that everyone can relate to. You’re also very friendly, and you love to help others.