Lilith in Cancer, Lilith in the 4th House

Lilith in Cancer

Lilith in Cancer feels shame for being dependent on other people or being needy in any way. If they are around others that are needy, they may feel angry and jealous that they are able to be this way without punishment. They feel like they aren’t allowed or are punished for showing their nurturing nature. This sign needs to learn how to accept themselves and not feel guilty for pursuing what they truly want and being the best. This sign may have been denied nurturing as a child and have trouble accepting it as they get older. They may have trouble admitting they need some help and have trouble accepting it once it is given from others. Lilith in Cancer can have trouble in family dynamics. They may feel strongly attached to their family and it makes it hard for them to separate themselves and be seen as their own individual. This sign must learn to be emotionally independent. 

4th House

Keywords: Keywords for the 4th house include home, home life, parents, ancestry, relatives, privacy, birth place, nurturing, self-care, self-love, security, and spiritual initiation. 

Angular House Type: An Angular house type means it is ruled by a cardinal sign. In this case Cancer is the cardinal water sign ruling the 4th house. 

The 4th house in astrology is symbolic of our most private self. It is the part that is the hardest to express, representing things we often keep hidden from others. This house can also be representative of one’s parents, typically one or the other. It can represent what the earliest relationships in one’s life were life and home life environment. The 4th house is representative of one’s relationship with authority, thus the association with a parental figure. 

The areas of life the 4th house oversees include the ways in which you create a home for yourself. It looks at how important having a home base is for you. The 4th house is the security blanket of your natal chart. The sign on the 4th house is symbolic of how you take care of your deepest needs, where you need the most nurturing, support, and comfort. If you have an emphasis of planets in the 4th house in your natal chart this may indicate you tend to be shy or keep things to yourself, only revealing your true self to a select few individuals.