Lilith in Cancer, Lilith in the 5th House

Lilith in Cancer

Lilith in Cancer feels shame for being dependent on other people or being needy in any way. If they are around others that are needy, they may feel angry and jealous that they are able to be this way without punishment. They feel like they aren’t allowed or are punished for showing their nurturing nature. This sign needs to learn how to accept themselves and not feel guilty for pursuing what they truly want and being the best. This sign may have been denied nurturing as a child and have trouble accepting it as they get older. They may have trouble admitting they need some help and have trouble accepting it once it is given from others. Lilith in Cancer can have trouble in family dynamics. They may feel strongly attached to their family and it makes it hard for them to separate themselves and be seen as their own individual. This sign must learn to be emotionally independent. 

5th House

Keywords: The keywords associated with the 5th house include love affairs, romance, sex, sexuality, creativity, art, dating, play, playfulness, children, spontaneity, fun, diversity, and the spotlight. 

Succedent House Type: The Succedent house type is ruled by a fixed sign. Leo is the fixed fire sign ruling the 5th house. 

The 5th house in astrology is symbolic of creativity, sexuality, and children. The reason all of these themes come together in the 5th house is due to the fact that they all of them are related to making or creating something outside of oneself. Creativity brings forth something new and imaginative. Your relationship to sexuality or how you express your sexuality can be a creative act or viewed as the reproductive act that creates babies. 

Having an emphasis of planets or lack of planets in the 5th house speaks more to what you make and create in life and less literally to how many children you will or will not have. When you are playing in the 5th house it is all about finding your creative spark, what enlivens you, and how you can bring your true identity forward. 

The focus of the 5th house is what unique experience do you want to share with others, what makes you special. The 5th house is also associated with affairs, flings, and romance due to the playful and often spontaneous nature of this area of the chart.