Sun in Pisces, Mercury in Scorpio

Pisces ♓︎ Sun in the Natal Chart

Symbol: Fish

Element: Water

Key Phrase: I believe 

Ruling Planet: Jupiter & Neptune 

If you were born while the Sun was in the sign of Pisces then this is your natal Sun sign. Your identity will be characterized by the Pisces themes of belonging, glamour, and spirituality. As one of the most naturally spiritual signs in the zodiac you give yourself a lot of room to experience life from this broad perspective. You are sensitive, artistic, and compassionate. As a Pisces Sun there is a tendency for you to get into the helping professions such as mental health, end of life care, or energy healing. 

Your symbol is two fish tied together symbolizing the fluidity of your identity. Typically someone born under this Sun sign is deeply sensitive and naturally psychic as they are tuned into the unseen dimensions. 

Pisces is associated with the water element giving your personality an otherworldliness quality. Pisces is often overwhelmed by emotions and searches for a way out through creative means such as poetry, substance use, metaphysics, or dance. 

Pisces is co-ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter represents Pisces’ need for mind expansion and spiritual seeking. Neptune represents dreams. Having a Pisces natal Sun sign will indicate a core part of your identity is tied up in the fantasy world.

Mercury in Scorpio ♏︎ in the Natal Chart 

Mercury in Scorpio in the natal chart individuals have a penetrating and deeply perceptive way of communicating. You go into everything with eyes wide open and are rarely ever caught off guard. This Mercury placement can lead to intense conversations between you and others. At times you may say things that cut deeply as you are keenly tuned into what makes people tick. 

Mercury in Scorpio individual’s can often shock people with their words or mesmerize them into coming around to their point of view. They are not faint hearted and their opinions are well developed. You desire to be mentally strong feeling mental toughness is one of the most valuable traits a person can possess. 

Often you will have an interest in the occult or sacred mysteries not necessarily a spiritual or religious approach but more an investigative. You are interested in knowing how the laws of the universe connect. There is a desire with Mercury in Scorpio to find an outlet for your mental power in your search for ultimate truth. At times you can tend towards skepticism. 

Your communications are intense and deep as you choose to only share your mental fortitude with a select few people throughout your life.