Sun in Gemini, Mars in Cancer

♊︎ Sun in the Natal Chart

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Key Phrase: I think

Ruling Planet: Mercury 

If you were born under the Sun sign of Gemini then you were blessed with excellent social and entertaining abilities. People are naturally drawn to your sign as you have a way with words like no other. 

Your symbol is the twins providing your sign with a dualistic nature but also an ability to modify your personality depending on the situation. You may sometimes lack tact but always have something to say. Your mind operates quickly and your witty conversational skills are a huge part of your personality. 

There is a mischievous quality to your psychological makeup which can get you into trouble at times but there is never a lack of fun with your zodiac sign! 

The element associated with your sign is air providing you with a highly evolved sense of mental power. You have a curious nature giving you boundless energy to think through a multitude of topics. Some would say you are a “jack of all trades master of none” due to your changeable nature. 

Your ruling planet is Mercury known as the god of communication in Roman mythology. This planet is also associated with alchemy and symbolism giving you a natural ability to draw profound conclusions about the meaning of life. 

Mars in Cancer ♋︎ in the Natal Chart

Archetypes: Advocate, Caregiver, Matriarch 

What Drives You: If you have Mars in Cancer in your natal chart than you are driven to fiercely protect the people you love. There is almost an aggressive quality to how far you will go to make sure those you care about are safe. Mars in Cancer is deeply affectionate towards others. You give freely of your energy knowing that you deeply want to receive affection in return. 

Mars in Cancer drives you to want to take care of people. Your often make an excellent cook as this is a tangible way you can express this intense need to nurture others. 

This Mars placement also comes with a great deal of loyalty. You find yourself joining up with causes you care deeply about and you are willing to put up a fight in order to see the results actualized. Mars in Cancer individual’s have the power to manifest their desires. These people will put passion behind what they want and go for it without restraint. At times you may loose your temper getting swept up in the moment. 

Sexuality: This Mars placement tends to be very generous in bed. You have a deep well of passion often being drawn to sexually intense relationships.