Neptune in Sagittarius, Ascendent in Libra (Libra Rising)

Neptune in Sagittarius ♐︎

Last Transit: Years 1971-1984

Neptune in Sagittarius is a very powerful location in the natal chart. This placement lends individuals a sense of idealism needed to dream up the futures they want to create. Neptune is not very active when transiting through Sagittarius but does allow for unimaginable ideas and solutions to be conceived for society. You will often find yourself in long daydreams, fantasizing about what life could be. This tendency is what drives you towards achieving your goals. 

Neptune in Sagittarius individuals have their awakening from the illusion of reality when they realize they are working for a system they are fighting to change. You may go through many periods in your life where you have to change loyalty after discovering the people you surrounded yourself with do not possess the integrity you thought them to have. This placement is giving you an opportunity to let go of the need for leadership or for anyone to tell you what to do. You will become the leader and can be your own authority. 

Neptune in Sagittarius individuals often want to create an environment for free thinkers even if it results in controversy. You often get upset at the systems that control society, operating through a sometimes mislead sense of rebellion.

Libra ♎︎ Ascendent in the Natal Chart

Astrological Body Part: Kidneys & Buttocks

Chart Ruling Planet: Venus

The Libra Ascendent or Rising sign in the natal chart gives you a very alluring outer personality. People will want to interact with you as you put of an air serenity. You have a very charming disposition taking in the beauty of the world that surrounds you. A Libra on the ascendent will love socializing, family gatherings, and special events. 

Style: As a Venus ruled sign the Libra Rising is typically very gorgeous and attractive. You easily find your style and are always right on trend. There is an overall effortless energy about you making you very approachable to others despite your model good looks. You love an excuse to get dressed up but at the same time look great in jeans and a t-shirt. 

Talents: As a Libra Rising you are very skilled in helping people work through relationships difficulties. You are a natural peacemaker and have a way of conveying challenging subject matter without upsetting people. You make a great painter, sculptor, or architect. With an eye for design and aesthetics you may find yourself working in interior decorating, organizing office spaces, or urban planning. You have a wide array of talents and anything you do with appear effortless and easy for you.