Neptune in Leo, South Node in Aries

Neptune in Leo ♌︎ 

Last Transit: Years 1914-1929

Neptune in Leo in the natal chart is symbolic of a glamorous energy with the ability to go through life with an eluding and disarming nature. The people born during this time were dreamers, they wanted decadence, but most were unable to obtain it. This has left people with this natal chart placement with a longing for something more. A desire to experience the glamour and beauty of life that is afforded to the elite or the chosen few. 

Neptune in Leo is reconciling the societal dynamics of exclusivity and inclusion. You want to be recognized for the unique person you are but at the same time may fear bumping up against societal norms and pressures. There is a sense that you are special or made to be someone greater than you feel you have become. The lesson with Neptune in Leo is to disillusion oneself to the glamour that appears to be accompanied by having “made it.” 

You are coming to terms with life’s imperfections and realizing that all people regardless of status, wealth, or abilities have struggles unique to the human experience. Neptune in Leo individuals will be able to find creative outlets for their dreams and desires. 

South Node in Aries ♈︎ in the natal chart

The South Node in Aries in the natal chart indicates a life path in which you are working towards finding harmony and balance within yourself. As the South Node represents skills and circumstances you have already mastered, a South Node in Aries indicates you will most likely have a well developed sense of identity. 

You will be a naturally courageous person desiring to take the lead in many situations. South Node in Aries individuals are typically not afraid to speak or act on their convictions. You have amazing integrity and honesty. You are learning to integrate the lessons of compromise, going with the flow, and ease in your personality. South Node in Aries individuals are often working on leaving behind an over attachment to getting one’s way or being selfish. 

You are experiencing life from a new perspective, giving partners, lovers, and friends an opportunity to take the lead. Due to your natural outgoing and candid approach you are better able to discuss finding a compromise. You are practicing resolving conflicts without violence or force. South Node in Aries individuals can have very dramatic tendencies. You are working on minimizing being reactionary, instead developing skills of diplomacy and tact.