Neptune in Cancer, South Node in Aquarius

Neptune in Cancer ♋︎

Last Transit: Years 1901-1914

Neptune in Cancer in the natal chart creates a longing to be saved or rescued by someone seen as more emotionally secure and stable. This placement creates a very inspirational artistic vision closely in tune with the current vibration of the society of its time. There is a tendency to have a victim mentality which may lead individuals born during this transit to partner up with people or enter into relationships in which one can be rescued by a “knight in shining armor.” Neptune in Cancer brings a sense of rootlessness that needs to be reconciled. 

The relationship with home, family, or one’s roots is central to this placement. Having pride in the country or culture one comes from is a profound force operating in this generation. The emotional nature of these individuals can be confused at times. People with Neptune in Cancer are searching for validation for their emotional realities. They are longing for an external force to say they are okay just the way they are.

 You desire for society as a whole to authenticate what you are going through. There are deep connections to the past and history with this placement. Neptune in Cancer represents surrendering to your fears in order to overcome them. 

South Node in Aquarius ♒︎ in the natal chart

The South Node in Aquarius in the natal chart indicates past life situations or current life circumstances in which you are overly attached to a rational thought process to the point of denying your own self expression. This tendency may play out in your intimate relationships or within your friendships. You are learning to have fun and enjoy yourself, the people around you, and living your life to its fullest extent. 

Your well developed sense of humanitarianism and kinship with close friends is the driving force behind many of your decisions. You have great talent in knowing and seeing what the future holds for the group. This intuition is typically very spot on, however, you like solid proof and therefore are learning to trust your gut instincts. 

You are learning to act with creativity and less with a scientific filter. The South Node in Aquarius indicates you are developing a subjective point of view, taking action, and manifesting your desires in life. In this lifetime or on your current life path you are setting goals for yourself related to your specific interests and drives. The doorway is open for you to be involved, put yourself out there, and recognize the fulfillment that life has to offer.