Neptune in Aries, Midheaven (MC) in Aries

Neptune in Aries ♈︎

Last Transit: Years 1861-1875

Neptune in Aries in the natal chart symbolizes your longing to find the depth of your identity. This may lead you down many different roads in life through experimentation with your appearance, personality, or career. You feel a sense of confusion regarding who you are and often use external factors to help define you. 

There may be periods of time where you retreat to go “find yourself” on a perpetual journey of self discovery and rediscovery. At some point in life you will come to a cross roads in which you realize you are you regardless of any external factors or influences. People with this placement are often pioneers of their time. You dream of future in which people are able to embrace their full potential. 

Neptune in Aries represents a certain sense of anxiety around the dynamics of society and the ever evolving role of the artist. There is a longing to be first; to not miss out on anything which creates the urge to be in the right place at the right time. The individuals born during this transit where alive during a period of time when artists and writers where central to bringing cultural trends to the forefront of society.

Midheaven in Aries ♈︎ in the natal chart

Public Life: The public of life of someone with the Midheaven on Aries in the natal chart is indicative of a positive, confident, and outgoing nature. These people enjoy the spot light and absolutely love getting attention for having a lively public persona. Aries energy is temperamental, giving you an unpredictable nature. You like to keep people guessing about what you are going to next! Absolutely independent in your lifestyle choices, being told what to do is not something that you appreciate. 

Career Possibilities: If you have an Aries Midheaven you will most likely excel at careers that involve you being able to share your passion and creativity. Teaching, public or motivational speaking, and leadership roles will suit you best. Following your creative interests is also very important to you. Careers that suit this Midheaven include singing, tattoo artist, athlete, bartender or bar manager, food service, creating start-up companies, phlebotomist, surgeon, firefighter, teacher, law enforcement, security guard, soldier, emergency or crisis services worker, and sailor.   

Ruling Planet: Your midheaven is ruled by the planet Mars. This action oriented planet means you are drawn towards careers that are fast paced or give you an adrenaline rush of some kind. You may find that you have trouble following through on projects but you are an excellent self starter!