Venus in Aries, Pluto in Scorpio

Venus in Aries ♈︎ in the Natal Chart

Best Colors: Black, White, Neon

Artistic Skill: Metal Smithing

Venus in the natal chart gives you insight into your attractions towards people and things. When Venus is in Aries this implies you have an attraction towards bold individuals, colors, and clothes. You have trouble making up your mind in love often tasting a little bit of everything on the menu.

Likes: As a Venus in Aries native you have a predisposition to like competitions and rivalries. You are okay with getting riled up from time to time. There is a wild streak about you that may have you finding yourself in very dramatic life situations. This placement is attracted to taking action, initiating relationships, and being first.

Dislikes: As a Venus in Aries person you dislike displays of weakness. You value strength both physical and emotional. You may actually be quite the softie on the inside, but with this Venus placement you often do what you can to conceal this fact from others!

Romance: Venus in Aries individuals will express their romantic side with innocence and openness. You will have an independent approach to love often desiring a life separate from your partner’s. It will be hard to win your heart as you prefer shorter interactions with lovers as opposed to lasting relationships.

Pluto in Scorpio ♏︎

Last Transit: Years 1984-1995

The Pluto in Scorpio in the natal chart generation is here to transform society’s relationship to elements of life often thought of as private. Individuals born during this time are helping society accept things once thought of as taboo. Important life themes for the Pluto in Scorpio generations include sex, the occult, and death. You are bringing a restructuring to society’s view of these things. You are hoping for greater tolerance of sexual expression, spiritual connection, and uncovering aspects of life that have been repressed. You are asking people to address the shadows that exist in life and not create a facade that pushes reality farther and farther away. Pluto in Scorpio individuals may be very drawn to risky behaviors as you seek to experience all aspects of life, love, pain, and everything in between. At times people born during this generation have trouble accepting ghost or spirit contact experiences instead making a complete rejection of the spiritual realm all together. Your generation is sending out a wake up call through a spirit of rebellion. You are a generation representative of anarchy, compelled to fight against the systems you feel forced to live within. People born during this time have a tendency to be very intense and unapologetic in their approach to making a statement.