Uranus in Pisces, Midheaven (MC) in Cancer

Uranus in Pisces ♓︎ in the natal chart

Last Transit: Years 2003-2010

Uranus in Pisces in the natal chart grants these individuals an aura of mystery. You may tend towards shyness experiencing life from an internal perspective. Your highly sensitive mind is wired to take in mass amounts of information about the world, planet, and people. This often leads you to having very fluid boundaries as you struggle to find balance between thee spiritual and physical realms.

People with this placement do very well in mental health or the psychology field due to the naturally abstract nature of your though processes. Uranus in Pisces individuals are the theoretical physicists. Your dreamlike nature allows you to wrap your head around the vastness of the universe and the extraordinary aspects of existence. You are willing to learn the science in order to satisfy your curiosity about the nature of the cosmos. 

You have keen instincts but do not always know how to communicate them clearly. Uranus in Pisces people are generally better at communicating through facial expressions and body language as opposed to words. Your generation likes to rebel through a complete rejection of all of the traditional expectations society or family may have placed on you.

Midheaven in Cancer ♋︎ in the natal chart

Public Life: The public life of a person with the Midheaven point in the sign of Cancer has great potential for fame or notoriety. People are very drawn to your energy often expecting you to care for them or solve their problems. You are often very accommodating and tend towards pleasing others. With this placement developing your career may not be your number one priority, however, you find somehow you “fall” into lucky career situations. People with the Midheaven in Cancer are drawn toward careers that require taking care of others, helping people achieve security, or stable housing.

Career Possibilities: You are drawn to jobs and careers in the public life that allow you to nurture people’s needs. You make a great gardener, shop-keeper, nanny, childcare worker, teacher, preschool administrator, mental health worker, musician, singer, baker, chef, bartender, server, nurse, real estate agent, social worker, hospice aid, psychic, dancer, librarian, priest, priestess, pastor, minister, brewer, politician, or apartment superintendent.

Ruling Planet: The ruling planet of your Midheaven in Cancer is the Moon. In astrology the Moon is associated with the sphere of the public. This indicates you will naturally find yourself in the public eye or working with the public in some way. Your primary goal will be taking care of others through support and encouragement.