Sun in Aries, Ascendent in Scorpio (Scorpio Rising)

Aries  Sun in the Natal Chart 

Symbol: Ram

Element: Fire

Key Phrase: I am

Ruling Planet: Mars

If you were born under the Sun sign of Aries then your identity is marked by a passionate and competitive spirit. Your symbol is the ram and you have a tendency to play out the circumstances of your life with endless energy.

The Sun represents your identity, self expression, and personality. Being an Aries gives you natural leadership qualities and crisis response skills. You pride yourself on your fearless nature. A desire to take risks and flirt with danger keep others interested in what you are up to.

The keyword with Aries is speed. Everything you do seems quick and at times pressed. You do extremely well under pressure and with meeting deadlines. You magically seem to get everything completed right down to the wire. Living with this level of intensity keeps you interested in the tasks at hand and gives you the excitement you need in life.

The element associated with your sign is fire providing you with a temper at times and a wild disposition. You often become an authority figure because you struggle to follow other people’s rules.

The ruling planet of Aries is Mars giving everything you do a spark of drive, free will, and action.

Scorpio ♏︎ Ascendent in the Natal Chart

Astrological Body Part: Sex & Reproductive Organs

Chart Ruling Planet: Mars & Pluto

The Scorpio Ascendent or Rising sign in the natal chart gives you an air of intensity and a mesmerizing energy about you. As a Scorpio Rising you will guard your private life fiercely. You often keep your deep emotional thoughts to yourself and rarely allow other people on what you are actually feeling. You have a natural ability to tune into the psychology of others and inherently know what other people are thinking. Scorpio energy gives you the ability to predict other people’s next move.

Style: A Scorpio Rising’s style is dynamic and practical. You use clothing like armor safeguarding yourself from people you believe to be inauthentic or untrustworthy. A Scorpio Rising will often choose alternative styles whatever that may mean for the society or culture they are living in. If everyone around them has tattoos they will not. If tattoos are absolutely taboo you can bet the Scorpio Rising will be covered in them.

Talents: Your natal chart ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. The forceful nature of these two planets gives you potent powers of perception. You are able to pick up on information, vibrations, and sensory information other people often miss. Scorpio Rising is often naturally psychic as well.