Scorpio Male: How To Make a Scorpio Man Fall in Love With You


Hey! I got hitched. Wait for the good part; I got hitched by a Scorpio male – cheers. Now, you’re wondering, “what is the big deal?” or “how come?”

What is the big deal! Perhaps you haven’t the slightest clue of who a Scorpio male is. Let me enlighten you.

Who is a Scorpio Male?

First, a Scorpio male has a birthday that ranges from October 23 to November 21. As the name suggests, his zodiac sign is a scorpion.

Second, a Scorpio male is famous for his intense personalities and sensitivity. He looks through your eye and pierces your soul with his reticence, scheming, and attention to detail.

More importantly, a Scorpio male seems raw. In other words, he’s not boring, nor is he lovey-dovey.

Mainly, his trait of rawness is why he has a reputation of being the bad boy of the zodiac – cool. And who doesn’t like a bad boy?

Why a Scorpio male?

Now that you understand who a Scorpio male is, let’s look further into why they are great partners.

Scorpio male in relationships

A Scorpio male tends to form a quick bond with his partner, thanks to his sensitivity. Remember, he pierces the soul! When he does pierce your soul, he endears you to him where you’re most vulnerable – what a dark art master!

The most beautiful part is when you get him to love you – oh-la-la! A Scorpio male can be notoriously jealous and possessive, albeit in a cute way. Once you start distancing yourself in the relationship, he tends to display his stalker traits.

In essence, when a Scorpio male loves, they do so profoundly. However, you need to be careful about how you treat him.

Never forget that a Scorpio male can sting you with displeasing comments, especially when you betray him. Nevertheless, when in love, he treats you like a queen and lavishes his sensual arts on you.

Below are additional things that you need to know about a Scorpio male in love:

  • He only accepts the best
  • He is dedicated and trustworthy
  • He is intensely sexual
  • He is energetic and lively

Shall we discuss the “how come” part now? Yes! I got hitched by a Scorpio male. You can, too, with the following steps.

How to make a Scorpio male fall in love with you

  1. Be mysterious

A plain and simple woman can be beautiful; it won’t be enough for a Scorpio male. Remember that he’s the master of dark arts; give him a mystery, please.

Moreover, a Scorpio male feels at his best when he has to unearth things. That explains why he is disinterested in shallow women.

A Scorpio man loves when a woman entices him. Mind you that doesn’t translate to you making a fool of yourself.

So, how do you entice him?

It’s not hard. Don’t divulge your “all” to your Scorpio man all at once in the beginning. Break it to him like crumbs of bread and watch how he reacts when he gets to know a new thing about you.

  1. Reveal your dark secrets and fears

Once you notice he loves your intrigues and personalities, try him with your secrets. Scary, isn’t it?

You needn’t be scared. To keep a Scorpio male intrigued by you, feed his curiosity with your secrets and fears.

It can be terrifying opening up your secret. But trust him, after all, he’s the master of secrecy; he’ll unravel them at sometime himself. More importantly, when you reveal your secrets and fears to a Scorpio male, he automatically gets closer to you. Also, he will start developing a strong urge to protect you.

  1. Be risky

I understand that you want to play cool. Moreover, even the “Scorpio male” is acting all super cool himself. Nonetheless, don’t be relaxed, dear.

You should ditch your cool and take a risk with dark and cunning humor. He knows your personality, even your secrets. It is time to crack his perfect gentleman demeanor.

Risky jokes and taunts will make him open up to you. Not only that, but he would also pay back your risk with clever jokes of his own and starting trusting you with his secrets.

  1. Be committed

Once your Scorpio man starts opening up to you, take him seriously, and pay close attention. More so, showing genuine interest in what he reveals about himself endears him even more to you.

In truth, he can be a bit of a caveman. Nevertheless, he wants someone he can trust. When you show him through your commitments that you will be loyal, he will stay true to you.

Further, Scorpio, in general, hates games. Whatever you do, do not play on his intelligence or emotions.

  1. Be passionate but do not control him

As humans, we have passions. Perhaps, yours is your career or even hobbies. Whatever your passion is, let your Scorpio man know about it.

A Scorpio man is passionate about everything in his life. One of the things that tick him off is a woman without passion. He fears that when you are not passionate, you will overwhelm and control him by being possessive. Also, be passionate enough to understand that he tends to open up more in specific date venues. If you’re the one to decide date venues, pick someplace cozy and a bit intimate.

Again, please note that your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be a life-changing task. It can be anything that motivates you to be better.

Moreover, one of the key ways to keep your Scorpio man in love with you is by showing him the spark of your passion. To him, nothing is as precious as a passionate woman who understands why he has to be passionate about his affairs.

In the end, relationships require confidence and commitment. Let it ooze through yours regardless of if your partner is Scorpio male or alpha male. Do well to be flexible and fun too.

Sincerely, a Scorpio male is a good catch when he truly loves you. He’ll be committed and make you experience love like never before.

However, to contribute your quota to the relationship, remember to: be mysterious, open up, take risks, be committed, and be passionate.