Moon in Libra, Moon in the 11th House

Libra ♎︎ Moon in the Natal Chart

The Libra Moon sign in the natal chart is expressed as a subconscious drive to people please. You will often find yourself desiring a partner in everything you do. A Libra Moon sign native will dislike doing anything alone and will often enjoy having a large group of friends around. 

Element: Air is the element associated with the Libra Moon. With an air Moon sign you will have a tendency to intellectualize your feelings instead of experiencing them. You want things to be pleasant and may deny yourself having a full range of emotional expression if you think that will disturb the peace. 

Mood: You tend to be in a very positive mood all around and when possible are attracted to life events and situations that allow for ease. You avoid crisis or intense situations if possible. You have good instincts regarding social situations with a natural charm and elegance about you. 

Nurturing Your Moon Sign: The Libra Moon is nurtured by having conversations with others. You can talk to anyone and will find a common ground for discussion. You enjoy experiencing fine arts, culture, and music scenes to keep your Libra Moon entertained and happy.

11th House

Keywords: The Keywords associated with the 11th house include tribes, people, groups, social circles, social media, internet, creativity, collaboration, charity, altruism, innovation, the future, brotherhood, sisterhood, secret societies, discovery, congregating, activism, and trends. 

Succedent House Type: The Succedent house type is ruled by a fixed sign. Aquarius is the fixed air sign overseeing the 11th house. 

In astrology the 11th house represents group identity and group belonging. It is also associated with your hopes, dreams, and wishes. The 11th house is the areas of life that bring together your passions and the things you have learned. As an aspect of identity, the 11th house, is where you are start to feel like you belong to a group, nation, people, family, political groups, collectives, and so on. 

Your ambition is able to be realized when you have the cooperation of a group sharing in your vision. Here you get to play out and live your dreams in real life. If you have a heavy emphasis of planets in your 11th house this can symbolize a life full of achievement and luck. People with 11th house planets tend to be very influential. Friends may become a greater focus than family in this case as well.