Mars in Pisces, Chiron in Leo

Pisces ♓︎ Mars in the Natal Chart

Archetypes: Prophetess, Nurse, Wounded Healer

What Drives You: Mars in Pisces in the natal chart will influence the native to be driven towards liminal spaces meaning the places between the worlds. You are a natural healer with this placement and often have had a trauma of your own contributing to your unique gifts. Mars in Pisces is representative of the spiritual traveler who journeyed to the other side and back. You gained valuable skills during this journey which you desire to use to heal the people around you. There is an almost transcendental nature about individuals with this Mars placement.

You are not necessarily conflict driven but do tend to stir up controversy. As a prophet or prophetess your messages can sometimes make people uncomfortable or polarize them. This can stir people to anger, jealousy, and even rage as they experience your Mars energy as their own. You have a tendency to get lost in your spiritual fantasies and the places you visit so having a good grounding routine is necessary for this Mars placement.

Sexuality: Mar in Pisces individual’s with typically express their sexuality with an all consuming energy. They are often very open sexually, often experimenting with many different avenues of sexuality. The tendency here will be to take on the needs and desires of those they are with.

Chiron in Leo ♌︎ in the natal chart

Wound: If you have Chiron in the sign of Leo in your natal chart then you are working with a wounding of the solar principle. The solar principle is associated with active, outgoing, and confident forms of creativity. This means there is a shadow cast over your ability to express yourself. You may have trouble showing off or accepting praise for a job well done. Chiron in Leo individuals are often excessively humble to the point of putting a damper on their own creativity. You have a deep longing to be known for something you make, conceive, or initiate.

Healing Gifts: A healing gift you possess with Chiron in Leo is bringing out decisiveness and creativity in others. You seem to spark in others a desire to construct the most brilliant, alluring, and glorious expressions of society. People often see you as a catalyst for opening up the creative aspect within themselves or their latent that was waiting to be awakened. You are excellent at giving people positive feedback and encouragement for their talents. As a person with this placement other people are really intrigued by your opinion. You have great potential to influence bring healing energy to other people in order for them to feel confident, special, and unique.